Sally Stitches Costume

by Mary (Casa Grande, Arizona)
Homemade Sally Stitches CostumeWe loved Marys homemade Halloween costume of sally stitches. Mary wrote and told us how she had searched everywhere for a kids sally stitches costume but to no avail.

Here’s how she made it
She used a red woollen wig from a previous costume, a pair of black tights with some stitches on them and a pair of black and white striped socks that she has pushed down around the ankles.

Making the dress
Mary made a loose fitting dress from a plain white sheet.
They marked out the “pieces” and design on to the sheet dress and then cut them out.
The cut out sheet pieces were then used as a template on different colored fabric that they then decorated with paint by hand.
All that was left then was to sew all the pieces back together, resulting in a fabulous looking sally stitches dress. A wicker basket and some fake black roses finished the outfit off a treat.

We would like to say thank you to Mary and her daughter for sharing, and congratulate her on winning 2nd prize in her local Halloween and carnival competition.

Comments for The Nightmare Before Christmas – Sally Stitches Costume

Well Done
by: Brian
Congratulations Mary 2nd place!!

WOW !!!
by: Mary
Thank you very much!

Great costume
by: Angela
Hey Mary,
We loved this costume, thanks for submitting it!
All the best

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