How To Make Handmade Things Step By Step

"Every day I share, learn or try something new, and it’s fantastic"

I started SavvyHomemade in 2008 as a way to showcase my successes and failures in the world of crafts. Since then, I’ve come a long way, and SavvyHomemade has become a great place to learn how to make a lot of different things.

Below are hundreds of beauty recipes, handmade gift ideas, and crafts for you to try your hand at. This is the perfect place for you to begin as everything here has been tried, tested, and perfected by me.

Because of that, you can be fairly confident that it will work for you, and to be quite frank, we can’t say that about most of the internet these days, can we?

You could be looking to make that unique gift for a loved one, or this could simply be a nice way to keep yourself busy while creating original homemade things. Many people coming here are also eager to learn more so they can start selling online or at craft markets.

Savvyhomemade will certainly allow you to do these things, and we’ll even sprinkle a little sense of achievement along the way!

A World of Beautiful Handmade Things at Your Fingertips

I started out with a single soap mold and an eagerness to learn. If that sounds like you, I can guarantee that with passion and practice you too will become very efficient at making handmade things!

I have several years of craft and homemaking experience to share with you, I’m a member of the Soapmaking & Cosmetic Guild, and I have a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. Every day I share my experience while crafting something new, it’s fantastic.

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As you’ll see below, SavvyHomemade is all about home crafts for the mind, body, and home. While a great lotion will nourish your skin and a reed diffuser can fill your home will inspiring aromas, it’s easy to forget about the beneficial mindfulness that comes with a simple handicraft.

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The Most Popular Beginner Pages

You can find some of my most popular crafts below, but I encourage you to take a look around and see what piques your interest. Let’s begin with 6 of my most popular beginner tutorials for handmade things.

My Favorite Handmade Things Are Bath & Body Recipes

Each time I give one of my these as a gift, the recipient is fascinated and totally intrigued by the idea that ‘I made it myself’. Not only can you make amazing quality products that will wipe the floor with anything you can buy instore, but you’ll also save potentially thousands of dollars a year. Popular projects on this subject are my handmade bath bombs and diy body butters, here are the latest posts from Bath & Body.

All Bath & Body Products

Natural DIY Face Care Recipes

You’ll find that many of the ingredients in face care recipes can be substituted in order to tailor it to your own specific needs, so I would definitely take a look at there to get more information on how we do that. A great place to start is with my natural facial at home page, where you can create recipes for your daily routine or extend it to create a luxury spa day.

All Face Care Products

Soaps Make Wonderful Gifts

I started making soaps when I retired. I went from a busy, hectic, deadline-driven environment to almost nothing. I didn’t know how to cope. Yet learning how to make soap allowed to me slow down and calm my mind. It taught me how to appreciate the now, how to live in the moment again.

I’ve found that natural soaps make fantastic handmade gifts and below you will find some of my latest favorites. The best place to begin would be with cold process for beginners or my liquid soap tutorial. But if you’re a little more adventurous check out how you can formulate your own soap recipes with my new soap making calculator, which has an extensive formulation guide.

All Soap Making Recipes

I Loved Exploring How To Make Candles

There’s is a whole range that you can try. Check them all out here, it’s so easy to choose something that you will really like. And when you learn how to make them from scratch your sense of pride makes them even better. Start with an overview of candlemaking and how to make a simple pillar candle.

All Candle Making Tutorials

Getting Creative Around The Home

While the economy was still getting back on its feet, we had to watch the pennies and save those dollars. making handmade things to help do things cheaper than normal seemed like a logical idea to us, and making your own things is a great way to save cash. Below are some of the things I’ve made along the way.

Quality Supplies & Resources

With so many comments and emails asking where we get our ingredients for recipes and the equipment used for our recipes. I thought it would be great to create a page that links to all of the guides on this site and the items involved.

honey orange oatmeal soap ingredients

Miscellaneous Ingredients For Savvy Homemade

The following is an exhaustive list containing all other ingredients I often use to make things like beauty recipes, soapmaking, candles, and other crafts found on If you can’t find an ingredient on one of my main supply pages, have look on the list below.

Step 5: Add the essential oil

A Comprehensive Essential Oil Guide

A detailed guide that includes information on all the popular oils, active ingredients, properties, skin type, potency, perfume scents and more. Over the years I’ve gone on to add many important reference guides, naturally expanding this work.

What you will need to make a candle that looks amazing

A Complete Candle Making Supplies Guide

So you’ve got the zeal to start making your own candles, But what exactly do you need to make your own candles. Essential supplies, and optional items so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

soap making supplies

Soap Making Supplies & Ingredients

Let’s take a detailed look at what you need and where you can buy soap making supplies, ingredients, and equipment. Many of these items can be found online, in your local stores or you may already have them to hand.

Step 4: Combine the oils in a separate beaker

The Best Organic Carrier Oils & Their Uses

It’s difficult to imagine exactly where we’d be with our projects if it weren’t for the health benefits and substance that the best carrier oils offer. So here I’m sharing some in-depth information on carrier oils, followed by an A to Z of more than thirty of the most popular oils.

beauty packaging and cosmetic containers

Best Beauty Packaging & Cosmetic Containers

Here’s where I buy the packaging and containers for my homemade things. Often, something basic and affordable is all that’s required. For me, it’s more about the quality ingredients inside, and the time spent making these gifts for a loved one that really counts.

beeswax for candle making

Skin Care & Beauty Cosmetic Ingredients

It totally makes sense to look for the best price when you’re buying cosmetic ingredients. The following is a small selection of the most used ingredients to make some lavish creams, lotions, treatments, remedies, and other concoctions.