Jims Unique Decor Made With PVC Pipe

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PVC pipe craft

With PVC pipe crafts you can make some wonderful unique home decor or yard decor. Jim has made these from schedule 40 PVC plumbing pipe and sent some photos over for us, they look great indoors in a corner on a round table.

PVC pipe craft

How To Make This

  1. I made a pattern that you can lay out on the 4” to 3” PVC pipe depending on size of object making then traced and cut out with a jigsaw.
  2. They then can be heated carefully over an oven or using a heat gun to form the shape of the head, legs, wings etc. Keep gun moving or piece moving over oven at safe distance as to not burn or fume the PVC until plastic becomes easily movable or formed as desired. Use fire safe gloves that cover forearm and hand and work on 1 individual area at a time (head, legs, neck, etc).
  3. Using a large bucket of cold water dip the piece each time to freeze or set your adjustments of the bird legs, head, neck or bass. Practice on a small piece first.
  4. Let cool, sand and clean so paint can bond and paint as desired.
pvc pipe craft sculpture
  1. In this one the logs are done with scrap pieces that are cut from the birds or what not and cut down the middle on one side then heated and spread apart to widen and look like a log. I drill a hole in the sides of the logs then use my jigsaw to cut out knots to give the logs a more natural appearance.
  2. All pieces are then sanded and cleaned and rough edges removed. They are then spot painted with Rustoleum 3X coverage plastic paint according to color needed or hearts desire.
  3. The logs are then painted with a brush using black and white paint dipped together and streaked to give rustic, driftwood, grain like appearance.
  4. Artificial flowers can be inserted in a hole on top of log that I drill for the flowers instead of gluing for ease of cleaning or different placement.
  5. Plants, fake frogs, etc. can be added using a glue glue with regular hot melt glue for easy removal if needed in future. The birds are mounted to the log using toggle bolts.
  6. The bass I use command hangers and caulk around the hanger to give a more permanent hanging power then fish are hung in hole drilled on the log.

This PVC pipe craft looks great indoors in a corner on a round table.

pvc pipe craft sculpture
pvc pipe craft sculpture

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