Prevent Wrinkles By Avoiding These 15 Simple Mistakes

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Even people in their early twenties can start seeing lax skin, fine lines, and deep-set wrinkles on their faces. But there’s no need to panic! There are steps you can take to stop the aging process in its tracks. At the very least, you can slow it down – and that’s worth a few minutes of anyone’s time.

Here are 15 things to avoid if you want to reduce the chance of wrinkles. By side-stepping these skincare sins, you’ll be on your way to a youthful complexion for years to come.

1. Overusing Your Facial Muscles

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Humans can be highly expressive, but everything from laughing to frowning can cause permanent facial lines as the frontalis muscle crunches and releases. In our twenties, overusing facial muscles isn’t likely to cause much damage. But as our skin’s elasticity decreases, raising our eyebrows can cause facial wrinkling that isn’t easy to reverse.

So, take note of when you’re pulling your face into extreme expressions and try to reduce movement as much as possible – within reason, of course! I mean, everyone wants to be happy, right? So I’m not saying never smile, but frowning could be avoided for sure. And check yourself when reading, watching TV, on the phone etc.

2. Eating a Poor Diet

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A diet packed with sugar, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fat will wreak havoc on your skin. Not only can unhealthy food make you feel bogged down, but you’re not giving your body the proteins it needs to boost collagen and elasticity.

In short, you won’t get the building blocks that make skin look bouncy and radiant. Foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C will help the skin eliminate free radicals that can cause premature wrinkling over time.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

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It’s no secret that drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping your digestive system and organs in good working order.

But did you know it’s also good for keeping the upper layers of your skin moisturized? Flushing the skin with plenty of water is vital for plumping it up, smoothing fine lines, and preventing dehydrated, crepey-looking skin.

4. Not Wearing SPF

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Some think wearing SPF is unlikely to change how their face ages. Yet it’s one of the most potent anti-aging tools in anyone’s arsenal! Slathering your face with a broad-spectrum SPF rated between 30 and 50 will minimize the wrinkling that comes with photoaging and reduce the chance of developing pesky dark spots.

5. Smoking

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Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs; these sly sticks will also narrow your blood vessels and limit the oxygen that reaches the skin.

Not only does pursing your lips lead to wrinkling around the mouth, but the lack of oxygen reduces collagen and elasticity in the skin. The result? Fine lines and deep-set wrinkles that won’t budge.

6. Not Using Exfoliants

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I make my own exfoliating products that gently remove the top layer of skin to reveal radiant skin cells underneath. Regular beta-hydroxy acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, and retinol can reduce fine lines.

However, if your skin can handle them, even deep-set lines can be shifted with heavier peeling solutions.

7. Not Locking In Moisture With an Occlusive

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If you struggle with dehydration lines and dry skin, you might be missing out if you’re not using an occlusive. Aquaphor and Vaseline are excellent examples of occlusives, and these products essentially prevent transepidermal water loss as you sleep.

I use my own moisturizers and serums to keep my skin barrier in great shape. These products make you less likely to develop deep dehydration lines on your forehead. Instead, you’ll boast a seriously youthful glow.

8. Going Too Hard With Your Cleanser

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It’s always tempting to scrub away at your skin to remove any gunk from your pores. However, scrubbing the skin too hard can cause reactive inflammation in the skin that can cause wrinkles down the line.

If you’re over-cleansing the skin, you also risk stripping the skin barrier and affecting your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. The result? A recipe for wrinkles. Our natural skin cleansers might be better.

9. Not Using Anti-Wrinkle Patches

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It might be slightly niche, but anti-wrinkle patches like Frownies can be incredible for keeping your forehead looking top-notch. You place these non-invasive patches on the forehead and on your “eleven” lines to reduce facial movement at night.

These patches reduce repetitive facial movements and lift static wrinkles for a natural Botox effect that truly lasts.

10. Sleeping on Your Side

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While you might be a staunch side sleeper, lying on your side is asking for trouble if you’re trying to avoid premature wrinkles. According to dermatologist Debra Jaliman, lying on your side can create deep sleep lines from putting too much pressure on the face.

These overnight folds can eventually become permanent as the compression and friction on the face take their toll. Invest in a silk pillowcase and sleep on your back to try and keep sleep lines at bay. You’re sure to thank yourself later.

11. Failing To Keep Your Eye Prescription Up to Date

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If you want to avoid the dreaded “elevens”, squinting and scrunching your face isn’t the way to go. Trying to read with an incorrect prescription will cause you to squint, pulling the skin tight and loosening it quickly.

Over time, this action creates lasting lines on the forehead and around the eyes (usually in the form of crow’s feet). According to the American Academy of Dermatology, excessive squinting causes lasting grooves in the skin that settles into wrinkles.

12. Skipping Products That Protect Your Skin Against Pollutants

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You might think vitamin C and niacinamide serums are a hoax, but they’re potent pollutant-fighters. Vitamin C is said to readily donate its electrons and protect the biomolecules in the skin from toxic pollutants in the air.

It’s all rather scientific, but it’s worth slapping on these brightening serums to avoid premature forehead wrinkling.

13. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

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After a night on the town, you might notice your skin feels stretched, tired, and dull. That’s because alcohol has a diuretic effect that causes the body to lose moisture, vitamins, and vital nutrients.

Along with causing moisture loss, drinking also inflames the skin by causing a histamine reaction. Over time, these adverse effects can cause wrinkles. Applying a moisturizer to hydrate aging skin will help.

14. Skipping Peptides and Ceramides

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When it comes to effective skincare ingredients, peptides and ceramides are tough to beat. They have wound-healing properties and significantly improve your skin’s barrier function by replicating what it naturally produces.

Encouraging the skin to produce collagen will make your forehead look plumper, and those pesky dehydration lines will slowly fade into obscurity.

15. Not Reducing Your Screen Time

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Focusing on screens for an average workday can seriously degrade your skin by combining blue light and squinting.

Constant exposure to blue light can cause cell shrinkage over time and cause fine lines and wrinkles if you’re at a desk job for years on end. So, feel free to step away from that screen a few times each day.

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