Wonderful Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

Homemade Bath Salts
Homemade bath salt recipes can transfer your basic bath into a wonderful therapeutic treat.

  • When essential oils are released into a bath of warm water along with salts, the oils release even more molecules than if you were to have a massage.
  • Sea salt and Epsom salts are both cleansing and detoxifying and by simply adding a few essential oils you can give your bath water almost any effect you wish.
  • As you lie in a bath of hot water the atmosphere softens the skin and speeds up oil absorption allowing the essential oils to do their best work on your skin, mind and body.
  • The heat in bath water makes these wonderful smelling homemade bath salts come in waves but you can change the essential oils within any of my homemade bath salt recipes to suit your own needs.

I would advise you to still use the same quantities as in the recipes bellow and don’t be too tempted to makeup a larger batch or the oils may begin to wane over time.

Exotic Homemade Bath Salt

This is a very feminine and sexy homemade bath salt. With its mix of bergamot and exotic ylang ylang oils these homemade bath salts will leave you feeling stimulated and full of energy.



Mix together all the oils and stir in the salt. Then store your finished bath salts into a clean glass jar and add one fairly heaped teaspoon to your bath.

For an extra special bath time why not try this matching massage oil.

  • Mix the same amount of essential oils with 4 fl oz (100ml) Sweet Almond Oil
  • Pour into a small glass bottle and give it a good shake.
  • For a touch of luxury, either massage into the skin after your bath or use as a daily moisturizer.

Flowery Homemade Bathsalts

If you’re looking for a quick and easy bath time treat to really pamper and scent the skin, then look no further. Dead Sea salt is full of minerals and it’s been teamed up with two of the most fragrant essential oils that will leave your skin smelling wonderful.

The elderflowers in this homemade bath salt gives it an extra special touch, but they may be substituted with a sprinkling of calendula petals, lavender buds or left out altogether if you don’t have any to hand.



Mix together all the oils and then stir in the sea salt and the flowers. Spoon the bath salts into a nice clean glass jar and add one heaped teaspoon to each bath.

For an extra beauty treatment whilst soaking in the bath

mixing a few elderflowers with some live yogurt will make a great little face pack that can clear the skin and help prevent wrinkles.

Orange Bath Salts

Epsom’s salts make a really good base for making homemade bath salts. They are extremely good for the skin, and are deeply detoxifying and moisturizing; by combining the salts with different essential oils you can adapt your bath salts to match your needs.

I’ve used Orange essential oil essential oil in this recipe to give the salts ultra-detoxifying properties that will help draw out all the impurities from within the skin.

If I preferred a more relaxing bath I would have used lavender oil instead of orange, sandalwood to create a more exotic bath, and rose or calendula to soften the skin.



Combine all the ingredients together making sure the oils are well absorbed. Add a small handful to each bath and enjoy.

Bath Salts For Men!

These bath salts smell very masculine and will leave your man smelling and feeling great.

The ginger in this will help to revive him after a hard day’s work. The lemongrass essential oil will give an instant lift and can even soothe a headache.

As with all the other bath salts they are very quick and easy to make so it’s best to make a small amount each time so that they are always fresh.



  1. Mix the sweet almond oil and the lemongrass and ginger essential oils together, then stir the dead sea salt in.
  2. Decant into either clear or dark glass jars with lids. (Make sure you store clear jars in a dark place to preserve the essential oils).
  3. Then just add one heaped spoonful of the salts to a warm bath.
  4. Use within a couple of months.

Herbal Bath Tea

This lovely homemade bath salt recipe was posted by Brenda Kelford (Smiths Falls Ontario) http://www.facebook.com/themysticmerchant

earthy homemade bath crystalsThese scentual bath crystals are a luxurious blend of sea salt, Epsom salts, and pure essential oil Patchouli, and fragrance oils Sandalwood and Neroli. Just 2 – 3 tablespoons added to your bath makes a totally relaxing, wonderfully scented bathing experience!


Mix all ingredients until well blended. Add to a mason jar and decorate with label and ribbon, raffia, etc…
Here’s another great recipe for homemade bath salts that makes a fantastic homemade gift.

Bath Salts, Body Butter & Soap Gift

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