Making Christmas Candy Cane Decorations

Here’s how to make your very own Christmas candy cane decorations, these timeless cotton candy canes look wonderful hooked onto the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas candy cane decoration

Try sewing them on to a Christmas stocking or adding to a homemade Christmas gift to give it that extra special touch.

How To Make Christmas Candy Cane Decorations

What You Will Need

  • 1 red and 1 white skein of cotton
  • 1 red pipe cleaner
  • Piece of red ribbon
  • Scissors

How To Make Them

    1. Open the cotton skeins and snip the ends of both loops leaving you with 4 separate bunches of equal lengths, 2 red 2 white.


  • Take hold of one red and one white bunch and tie them together into a single knot around the top end of the pie cleaner.

Making A Candy Cane Decoration

  • Twist the two colors around the pipe cleaner to make the stripes on the cane and then knot the ends together around the bottom of the pipe cleaner as you did at the top.

Making A Candy Cane Decoration

  • Trim the ends at both the top and bottom if necessary.

Finished Candy Cane Decoration

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