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No would-be Jedi warrior is complete without a lightsaber. Part of the fascination people have with lightsabers is their individuality…

You have the option to make your own lightsaber that suits your preferences and your combat style.

After all, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber was nothing like Count Dooku’s weapon and Darth Maul or Darth Vader had different colors and styles of weapons again.

Below we have a homemade lighsaber tutorial with some videos on how to make a lightsaber prop for your movies!

Aside from just the blade color, the saber’s hilt also needs to work for you too. Then there’s the matter of how many blades you want. Luke had a single blade saber, while Darth Maul’s weapon had two.

So the first step in making your own lightsaber is to decide what kind of weapon you want to make. When you have an idea in mind that suits your preferences, you can begin working on creating the hilt.

Creating The Hilt

When you make a homemade lightsaber a simple hilt can be made out of some vacuum cleaner tubing or some piping purchased from the hardware store.

  • Lightsaber handles are quite intricate, so you’ll need a way to make your piece of tubing look less like some painted plumbing and more like a futuristic handle. Some simple rubber o-rings will work just fine. Four or five will give you a good Jedi grip.
  • To seal the end of your hilt you can use a metal sink plug or a rubber stopper. You only want something that will close off the end of the pipe to make it look more like a real handle.
  • You might also consider picking up a D-ring to use as a belt-clip around the end of your handle. This way you will have a way to keep your light saber with you at all times but not be required to hold it in your hand the entire time you need it.
  • To create a futuristic grip, you might also grab some automotive weather-sealing strips. These rubber strips can be set around the end of your hilt to give you a good grip, but they also give your hilt some shape and texture.

Creating The Emitter

When you make your own lightsaber you need to find a way to create an emitter that looks like fluorescent light might just spring forth from it at any moment is easier than you think.

  • A simple rubber garbage disposal gasket fitted to the end of your hilt can make your light saber look functional, even if it isn’t.
  • Keep in mind that some of the lightsabers in the movies have black hilts, so if you choose to use piping or tubing for your hilt then you might decide to paint your completed hilt with PVC black paint.
  • However, if you’ve chosen to use black rubber o-rings and black weather-sealing strips then this can make the chrome of your piping look really cool if you make sure you set these items up on your handle in a design you like before you glue your items in place.

Creating The Blade

While having a dormant light saber handle hanging from your belt can give any costume an air of authenticity, some Jedis prefer to have a colored blade to make it even more real.

Obviously we don’t have the technology to create a real, functional glowing blade just yet, but you can improvise.

  • The easiest way to give you a glowing blade is to buy some transparent tubing. Fit a chain of LED lights into the transparent tubing and then attach the tube into your handle.
  • If your LED lights have a simple switch mechanism, you might want to fix the on/off button to your handle somewhere so you can turn the lights on and off at will.
  • While this will give you a way to have a real glowing blade, it also means that your blade will always be extended.

The Perfect Light Saber

A video on how to make an authentic lightsaber using supplies from The Custom Saber Shop

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