Jims DIY Recycled Tire Planters

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These old tires can have a new life, with a little elbow grease they can be transformed in to unique diy tire planters. Thanks to Jim for taking the time to send me his quick guide and some photos so you can have a go at this unique craft.

recycled diy tire planters

How To Make Recycled Tire Planters

  1. By laying the tire flat you can draw a triangle shape around one of the sidewalls. 15 -16” tires seem to work best.
  2. Then using a jigsaw with a good medium wood cutting blade cut the flower design out going around the side wall (Remember to wear good eye protection and gloves as these are usually steel belted tires). Do not cut into the steel belted tread part of the tire when doing so, or the hard beaded area where the edge of the rim would sit (stop before this area when drawing your triangles).
  3. After cutting out your flower tips you will need to turn the tire inside out and this is the hardest part. However with some sweat and use of your knees and arms, flip tire over (flower side down). Then push tire inward near area of tread and sidewall until it collapses in that area and continue until tire flips inside out (helps to have an extra pair of hands when doing this).
  4. Clean tire well with scrub brush and dawn. Let dry.
  5. Paint any design using stencils, or what not to your hearts desire.
  6. Let your planter dry then fill it with garden soil and plant flowers.  This diy tire planter will last a lifetime!
recycled tyre planter

Arched Tyre Planters

The homemade arched planters can be done using a jigsaw also, and a piece of treated wood.

DIY tire planter
  1. Lay tire flat. Mark across the sidewall on each side at same equal heights approx. 70% down the tire on sidewalls. Before cutting the sidewalls mark the the edge of the tread at top dead center. Most of the time you can eyeball this but if you need to you can use a T square.
  2. Drill several large holes across the tread to other side of tire and then insert jigsaw into hole at edge and cut across to other hole to split the tread (Remember to wear good eye protection and gloves as these are usually steel belted tires).
  3. After the tread is cut across, cut sidewalls out starting at first line marks. Do not cut the bead part out, this will be your handle. Cut across sidewall line to tread then all the way up to top of tire at tread cutting. Do not cut into steel belt around tread area when doing so. Cut back down to other mark, cut across and remove sidewall piece.
  4. Repeat this step for the other side remembering to just cut down to the near the bead area of the tire. [note: if you go any further it will be too hard to cut as the bead is a steel cable. Stay above tire size area writing at bead where it is still soft]. Also remember that when you cut the other side the tread you cut across will separate as this is the steel belted area, so have someone hold the tread when nearing end of cutting.
  5. Clean tire, paint as desired.
  6. Sit tire on painted treated board approx. 10” x 22” centered and squared on board. Using heavy wood screws approx. 1” long screw tire to board.
  7. Drill larger hole through tire and board to help with drainage.
  8. Take tread part of tire and curl under on top of board approx. 3” and using 1” wood screws to secure to board. Repeat other side.
  9. Pin can be used to run through the tire and board for stability in yard (wind etc).
  10. Fill with your diy planter with dirt and a few short growing flowers and enjoy.

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