How To Make Gel Candles That Burn Beautifully

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how to make gel candlesHere we are making DIY gel candles that burn beautifully, they are wonderfully decorative and also make great gifts. Whether you have learned how to make a candle yet or not, you will enjoy trying this.

Gel candle making has become one of the most popular candle crafts due to the way they look and how long they burns.

It isn’t difficult to make these at home, and you can add in a variety of things to make them match your decor.

Candle Molds

As with any craft, the first thing you need to do is to collect your supplies. One of the first things you should consider is a suitable container for your candles. Obviously you need something that isn’t going to melt or burn.

Glass is best for the DIY gel candle because it allows you to enjoy the way the candle glows when lit. If you’re making gifts out of your candles, you might consider pouring your gel candles into champagne glasses or cocktail glasses for a great effect.

Also, if you are going to use decorative embeds in your candle making a glass container will show these off.

Candle Wick

Next you need to be sure that you have the proper wick. There are many types of wicks, and some work better with certain types of wax than others. The packaging on wicks should clearly state what kinds of wax they are made for, which will make it a little easier for you to choose the right one.

Attaching the wick to the bottom of the glass container you are going to use can be the trickiest part of candle making. This is because you have to make sure that the wick is centered and that it is firmly attached to the bottom.

Some people use hot glue, but this can cloud gel candle wax. Sometimes you can use some of the wax to attach it, or you can buy special wick holders that are made just to make this part of the process a little easier.

Once the wick is attached to the bottom, you will need to suspend it in the jar with something that will keep it straight while you pour the wax.

A simple solution for this is to tie the top end of the wick to a bamboo skewer or cocktail stick and balance it across the top of the glass.

Melting Gel Wax

  1. To begin your gel candle making, preheat your oven to 225F (110C) and place the amount of gel candle wax that you need in a glass container.
  2. Then let the wax melt in the oven slowly. This will take patience since wax for gel candles melts slower than other types of wax. Once it is melted completely, add your chosen fragrance.

Scented Gel Candles

Picking the candle fragrance is really one of the best parts of candle making and you can find many available online. This is where you start putting your own personal touch on the candle. Just make sure that the fragrance you choose is made for use in gel candles. If it isn’t, there is a good chance that it will not blend with the wax properly.

After the fragrance is blended in thoroughly, you can add the color if you want. You need to add your dye before the wax cools too much, but add it slowly and only add a little.

You can always add more, but you can’t take out what you’ve put in. So take this part slow.

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How to Make Your Gel Candles

Making a DIY gel candle

At this point, you can pour your gel candle if you want. But if you want to make really interesting candles, you can add some embeds. These are what make many gel candles really stand out. Glitter, marbles, figurines, or just about anything else that won’t burn can be used.

You can place them at the bottom of the candle, or suspend them in it. This is where you can really exercise your candle making creativity.

Suspending things in the gel is an art in its self so if you’re having trouble with this part try using a light beaded necklace or a chain that you can drape over the cocktail stick or skewer (whichever you are using to support the wick).

Once the gel begins to set cut the necklace and let it slowly skin into the gel, it won’t sinking completely to the bottom.

how to make gel candles

Keep in mind that air bubbles can be one of your greatest enemies when it comes to gel candles. They are a problem in making candles overall, but the gel in these candles is highly susceptible to air bubbles.

Taking your time is one of the best ways to avoid bubbles. Stir the gel slowly, pour it slowly and gently, and pour the gel while it is still nice and hot. This will prevent some of the bubbles.

If you can’t master the knack to pouring gel wax without lots of air bubbles, use a champagne glass for your candle mold and encourage more bubbles to form.

Your candle will look like it’s supposed to have bubbles through it, so no one will notice.

We hope that you enjoy learning how to make gel candles. When you light them and the whole candle begins to glow, you will be proud of your creation. You’ll have a great, personalized, homemade gift for someone you care about.

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