Homemade Dryer Balls

homemade dryer balls

If you're wondering why I, or anyone would want to make homemade dryer balls then let me explain. A few months ago I purchased some PVC dryer balls and although I was happy with the way they softened my laundry I was disappointed to find they split after just a few weeks. If you are unaware of Continue Reading

Relaxing Homemade Herbal Pillows

diy herbal pillows

If you've been having trouble sleeping, try using homemade herbal pillows to help you relax you and drift off to sleep. For a great homemade sleep remedy, simply place one of these little pouches into your pillowcase to relax you and help you to sleep. When gathering herbs and flowers for Continue Reading

Homemade Baby Wipes Using Paper Towels

homemade baby wipes

I was looking for ways to help me save money when my daughter was born and I came across a really simple and economical way to make homemade baby wipes using paper towels. Not only does it save me plenty of money, but I always know what ingredients I'm using. I feel assured that I'm not using Continue Reading

How To Make Home Made Cat Food

home made cat food

Lots of people to look for alternative home made cat food recipes and cat treats to offer their cats a healthier option. This is because Feeding your cat the wrong type of food can create serious health problems. Many commercial cat foods contain high levels of chemicals, additives and Continue Reading

Recipes For Homemade Dog Food

homemade dog food

If you're like most people, then your dog is a true member of your family. Just as you'd want to be sure your family members are getting good healthy, nutritious food, you want to be sure your dog is getting some great recipes for homemade dog food. Many commercial tinned dog foods contain Continue Reading

Making Homemade Ointments and Creams

homemade ointment

Here you will find out how to make homemade creams and homemade ointments for those remedies that can be kept in the first aid cupboard or the refrigerator ready for use. They are very easy to make, they last for months and don't contain any of those harmful chemicals you would normally find in Continue Reading

Homemade Cat Treats

homemade cat treats

Making your own homemade cat treats is easy and simple and your cat will love them! Even while it's fine to modify recipes to suit your cat's tastes, always remember there are some ingredients you should never feed cats. A cat's digestive system is not designed to cope with chocolate, onions, Continue Reading

Making A Herbal Infusion or Decoction

herbal infusion

A herbal infusion is a very easy and simple way to use herbs. Infusions are made pretty much like making tea. An amount of herbs or flowers are placed into a teapot or in a heat proof jug with a close-fitting lid, and boiling water is poured over it. The total amount in any herbal infusion should Continue Reading

Making A Herbal Tincture or Vinegar

homemade herbal tincture

A herbal tincture is made by steeping dried or fresh herbs in a mixture of alcohol and water. The alcohol extracts the plants active ingredients and preserves it for up 2 years. Although any part of the plant can be used to make a tincture, they do need to be made with individual herbs. If you do Continue Reading

Homemade Toothpaste

by Sally (Manchester) I read an article somewhere about all the harmful chemicals inside toothpaste. It can't be good for us if we're taught to spit it all out, right? So I went looking for a way to make homemade toothpaste. I've been using my own toothpaste recipe for about 2 years now and my Continue Reading

Home Remedy For Grey Hair

If your hair is beginning to grey at the roots or temples, this home remedy for grey hair is for you. It's a treatment for darkening grey hair that comes in two parts, a finishing rinse that needs to be used after each wash and a massage that's to be used once a day for the first week, then once Continue Reading

Homemade Mouthwash & Tooth Paste

With the rising levels of fluoride it's no surprise that more people are choosing to make their own homemade mouthwash and natural tooth paste. They are very easy to make and well worth having a go at. You can rustle up a natural mouthwash in a matter of minutes by simply adding a few drops of Continue Reading