Homemade Transformer Costume

by Sam Erickson (Omaha, Nebraska)

Gavitron: Autobot Transforming Transformer!
Gavitron: Autobot Transforming Transformer!

This Transformer costume was a joint project between me and my four year old son. As my son spends most of the day transforming between a tank and a boy we decided to have a go at creating a transformer costume for him.

Armed with a couple of boxes both of a similar width and about forty five minutes of imagination we soon had a good plan as to the shape and design we wanted.

 Homemade transformer costume  Homemade transformer costume  Homemade transformer costume

Once we’d formed the basic shape we wrapped the whole shell in masking tape.

Next we sprayed painted it with layers paint to produce a camo style color (it was a bit time consuming but worth it) and then we created the emblems and bumper sticker. To strengthen and to eliminate any nasty fumes from the paint, we wrapped the entire tank in clear tape.

As we had just moved in about 8 weeks ago, we had plenty of spare empty boxes and id been looking for a good way to use them. My son loves wearing and showing off his homemade transformer costume, and I have a good feeling that he will be wearing it around the house for quite a long time!

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