A Versatile Homemade Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

liquid base salt scrub
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Similar to the easy bubble bath recipe, this homemade sea salt scrub is also made using a liquid base. Its a nice versatile recipe made using an MP liquid soap base, sea salt, and some wonderful oils.

You can add a bit more salt or mix in a little more soap to achieve your desired texture. It’s best made your diy salt scrub with fine sea salt; although you can use rock salt, it is scratchier and can be a bit too harsh for sensitive skin.

homemade sea salt scrub

What You Will Need:

liquid base salt scrub Ingredients
Liquid Base Salt Scrub Ingredients

How To Make Your Homemade Salt Scrub:

  1. Place the liquid soap base into a bowl, then melt the Melt and Pour soap, and then add it to the Liquid soap Base. Liquid base salt scrub Step1
  2. You will need to stir quickly so that the Melt and Pour soap doesn’t harden up. Liquid base salt scrub Step2
  3. Place the salt into a separate bowl or jug. Add the oil plus the essential/fragrance oil and stir well.Liquid base salt scrub Step3
  4. Fold the salt mixture into the liquid soap base. Cover then set aside for up to 24 to 48 hour until it has fully hardened. If after 48 hours the scrub is too thin for your liking you can add a little more salt or melt a little more melt and our soap and mix it in well.

    Liquid base salt scrub Step4
    Liquid Base Salt Scrub 24Hrs

  5. Transfer your diy salt scrub to a suitable container and enjoy.

liquid base salt scrub

Notes for the homemade salt scrub

If after 48 hours your sea salt scrub is too thin for your liking, you can add a bit more salt or mix in a little more melted melt and pour soap. You will need to wait another 48 hours before transferring to a container. If the scrub is too thick, mix in a little more liquid soap base until you are happy with it.

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