Homemade Party Decoration Ideas

Aside from saving you money homemade party decorations are far more personal, so lets have a look at some interesting videos and themes to get some inspiration!


A Party Time Centerpiece

How to Make a Name Centerpiece

Baloon Decorations

How to Make a Balloon Tree Decoration

How to Make a Balloon Arch Decoration

Kid’s Party Ideas

Party ThemesA Mexican Fiesta

Prepare your homemade party decorations For a Mexican Fiesta theme!

A Mexican Fiesta theme is perfect for a summer barbecue, birthday party for kids or adults, and even a wedding reception. You can easily coordinate food and homemade party decorations in bright colors to go with this theme.

We recommend the following simple decorations to prepare the venue. They are inexpensive and easy to make.

Finally, if you would like to include a Pinata consider purchasing one from a party supply store. Making your own is a big and time-consuming endeavor.

The Papel Picado

Papel picado is a Mexican type of cut paper. The designs are commonly cut from tissue paper using a guide and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time.

Common themes include birds, floral designs, and skeletons. They are commonly displayed for Easter, Christmas and the Day of the Dead, as well as during weddings, quinceaneras, and christenings.

Papel picado can also be made by folding the tissue paper and using small, sharp scissors. Think of this as similar to paper snowflakes you have probably made before.


Tissue paper of your color preference, scissors, cotton string or fishing line, scotch tape, clothes iron.


  1. Cut tissue paper into 8″ X 10″ rectangles.
  2. Fold one piece of tissue paper accordion style for about 4-6 folds.
  3. Carefully cut small shapes and designs on the fold of the paper.
  4. Cut a curve or zigzag along each end of the folded paper.
  5. Open to view your design.
  6. Carefully press the paper with the clothes iron in the lowest heat setting and no steam.
  7. Use the scotch tape to attach all finished paper along a long piece of string and hang the banner in a prominent place for all to enjoy.

The Tissue Paper Flowers


Tissue paper of your color preference, scissors, pipe cleaners.


  1. Cut tissue paper into 6″ X 6″ squares.
  2. Layer 3-4 squares of tissue paper directly on top of each other. You can alternate colors or use one solid color.
  3. Fold the pieces of tissue paper accordion style for about 6-8 folds.
  4. Cut a rounded curve on each end of the tissue paper.
  5. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded paper. Fold it over and twist to secure. This will be the flower stem.
  6. Finally beginning with the top layer of tissue paper, gently open and separate the layers pulling upward. You should have a beautiful full flower party decoration when finished.

More Party Themes Comming Soon!

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