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SavvyHomemade Contest Guidelines

Prize Winning Homemade Things:

Christmas Dec

beaded-christmas-tree-ornaments-21691157Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments By Jane
These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are simple to make and they look very effective when hung from the Christmas tree!…

Halloween Nov

dia-de-los-muertos-costume-day-of-the-dead-21683249Dia De Los Muertos Costume By Sherida
I LOVE anything to do with the Mexican celebration Dia De Los Muertos! (Day of the Dead) So I decided to try and create my own sugar skull character!…


homemade-air-freshener-21351913Homemade Air Freshener By Katie
I’ve always enjoyed making my own homemade air freshener. As well as it being a good money saving tip, these gel ones are great fun and easy to make…


homemade-body-butter-cream-21352058Homemade Body Butter Cream By Eva
This Body Butter Cream is amazingly moisturizing, and the ingredients are so good for your skin. The Cocoa butter has often been called the ultimate moisturizer...


homemade-laundry-detergent-21352020Homemade Laundry Detergent By Jess
As a single parent, BIG money saving ideas are a must in my lifestyle, so when I found this great homemade laundry detergent recipe I was was intrigued and had to try it…

Halloween Nov

campfire-costume-with-marshmallow-roasting-21427761Campfire Costume with Marshmallow Roasting By Cassie
What’s a great ghost story without the glow of a wicked campfire? We spooked up our Halloween by making our 12 year old daughter into a walking ring of fire which set the scene for the perfect night of fright…


homemade-dryer-balls-21351976Homemade Dryer Balls By Jenny
If you are unaware of what dryer balls do here is a quick description. Dryer balls mechanically soften your laundry without
any of the harmful chemicals you find in fabric softener or dryer sheets…

SavvyHomemade Contest Guidelines


Submission Guidelines

  • Only submissions with BOTH IDEAS AND At LEAST ONE PHOTO will be eligible to win.
  • Explain where your idea came from, and add a few tips that will help make it easier for others make. A great explaination will increase your chances of winning the prize!
  • If you have made a video, you can also include a link to it on YouTube or any video sharing site, we will embed the video along with your entry.
  • Your entry must be original and not copied (no copy and pasting other peoples content from other websites).
  • Your entry must be homemade or converted for your use. However, the materials used to construct your item can be purchased.
  • You CAN submit many homemade things, there’s no limit to how many entries you make.
  • Your homemade creations do not have to be works of perfection or beauty. Submissions are judged not only on “looks”, but on creativity, originality, your write-ups, photo composition, and whatever else may catch the judges’ eye. Age of competitor is also taken into account, so get those kids crafting!
  • Savvyhomemade editors or judges will select the contest winners and that decision is final.
  • Important – When submitting your entry please use a valid email address. We need to be able to contact you if you win 😉

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