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Contest Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

  • Only submissions with BOTH IDEAS AND At LEAST ONE PHOTO will be eligible to win.
  • Explain where your idea came from, and add a few tips that will help make it easier for others make. A great explaination will increase your chances of winning the prize!
  • If you have made a video, you can also include a link to it on YouTube or any video sharing site, we will embed the video along with your entry.
  • Your entry must be original and not copied (no copy and pasting other peoples content from other websites).
  • Your entry must be homemade or converted for your use. However, the materials used to construct your item can be purchased.
  • You CAN submit many homemade things, there’s no limit to how many entries you make.
  • Your homemade creations do not have to be works of perfection or beauty. Submissions are judged not only on “looks”, but on creativity, originality, your write-ups, photo composition, and whatever else may catch the judges’ eye. Age of competitor is also taken into account, so get those kids crafting!
  • Savvyhomemade editors or judges will select the contest winners and that decision is final.
  • Important – When submitting your entry please use a valid email address. We need to be able to contact you if you win 😉