Homemade Lara Croft Costume

by Meals (PA)

Homemade Lara Croft Costume
Homemade Lara Croft Costume

I made this homemade Lara Croft costume from a few pieces I had at home: A fitted t-shirt, khaki shorts, a small black book bag, tall boots, and taller socks.

I took a belt and used black Gorilla Tape to attach my own homemade holsters. I created the holsters with pieces of cardboard, which I formed by measuring my “guns” (they were from K-mart, $5 each). I secured each holster and covered them with the Gorilla Tape.

To create the thigh straps, I fitted two elastic headbands to my thighs, and then taped them to the bottoms of the holsters.

It was very simple to put together, and very cheap! It turned out great!

To top the outfit off, on a cold night as Halloween can be, I had an old army jacket (any leather, army, khaki, denim jacket would be appropriate for her look).

Homemade Lara Croft Costume

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by: Lara
Nice Work! Love it!!! Cheapest Lara Croft costume, and so freakin’ cute! Good job girl! 😉

Lara Costume
Great costume Meals! Very resourceful

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