Homemade Garden Waterfall Ideas

by John (US)

A homemade garden waterfall creates a wonderful sight and a lovely tranquil sound, this is what gives you that great relaxing feeling. The best part of a homemade water feature is that you can build it to suit your mood, as there is a huge degree of design flexibility.

Here’s a few design ideas that I hope will fuel your imagination and help to create that beautiful homemade garden waterfall that you always wanted.

How About A Pondless Waterfall:
If you don’t have the space for a pond or if you are a family with small children a pondless waterfall could be your answer. In place of the pond are large rocks or boulders to give a designer feel. Plants and vegetation are added and the gaps between rocks are filled with water. This creates a tranquil place that is a comfort to all the family and is safe for the little people to. When the kids grow up you can always remove the rocks and add some water.

The Rocky Spillway Waterfall:
This is the most common and natural waterfall design. Water is sent gushing over a flagstone weir making a pleasant sound and is a treat to the eyes. The rocks create the sound of a running river which is both soothing and pleasant to watch. Multiple tiers can create that wonderful blend with the garden, giving it a heavenly feel.

Duel Waterfalls Are A Nice Touch:
A unique idea is to have a fall on either side of the rocks. This is the kind of set-up that provides a good view from all directions, so it can be put almost anywhere in your garden. A double sided waterfall will obviously cost a little more as you need to set up both sides. But if you are looking for something on the extravagant side, this can be a nice and valuable home addition.

Going Japanese:
The Japanese waterfall is an intimate place to be at one with nature. Each element used in the garden has some symbolism. For example, the rocks are used to simulate islands, human strength and endurance. These waterfalls usually include some marble or granite within its design, giving a sleek and classy look. Add to this some Japanese water plants and lighting effects and you have something rather special. You should start with a quiet area, or at least as quiet as you can find on your property.

So, do you have space for a waterfall in your garden? Its not a hard project to undertake & I hope my ideas help you in some way. I would also love to see others thoughts and ideas about homemade garden waterfals

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