Ideas For Homemade Gag Gifts

Everyone knows someone who’s always playing practical jokes on others. With the ideas below you can join in by making your own homemade gag gifts. Just remember that these gifts are only designed for people with a sense of humor! …

Gag Trophies

homemade gag giftMany $2 stores have plastic trophies available that are ideal for these homemade gag gifts, or you can find old trophies at a pawn store.

Create your own engraving to include a bit of a gag or a humorous observation about the recipient’s behavior.

Use your imagination to come up with things that describe something about the person the gift is for.

Some examples you can use:

  • 1st prize for most improved odor
  • 1st prize for most hours watching football
  • 1st prize for best new gas emission

You’ll need to create the engraving by using a piece of foil. Sticky-tape the edges of the foil to a piece of plain paper and print out your engraving on your printer. Then glue the foil to the front of the trophy.

The All-Natural Bubble Bath Gag Gift

This homemade gag gift is quick and simple and should get a few laughs.

Wrap a can of baked beans in pretty tissue paper and tie off the paper with a lavish bow. Print out a set of instructions and attach it to the gift with ribbon.

Your instructions should say something like the following:

Enjoy your all-natural bubble bath by eating the beans an hour before getting into a nice, hot bath. Create your own bubbles naturally!

The Big Box Small Gift Gag

This is one I’ve used on my sister for years and she still falls for it every Christmas.

For these homemade gag gifts you will need:

  • Small gift box
  • Shoe box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Newspaper
  • A small gift


Buy a small gift, like a necklace or set of ear-rings, and hang it on the tree where it won’t be easily found. We have a stuffed reindeer hanging on our tree, so I hide the gift behind the reindeer or another noticeable ornament so it can be easily found when told where to look for it.

Then write a note giving instructions where to find the real gift. Fold the note over and place it into a small gift box. Wrap the box in pretty wrapping paper. Now wrap the gift box in newspaper, sealing off each layer with tape.

When the newspaper wrapping is large enough, place it into a shoe box and wrap this with pretty wrapping paper. Tie it off with a bow and watch as the person you gave the gift to will spend ages trying to get to the real present!

By the time they get to the small box and the instructions you wrote, they’ll be wondering if there’s a real gift at all.

The Expert Jigsaw Puzzle Gag

Do you know someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles? A quick homemade gag gift for these people is to put some sawdust into a plastic freezer bag.

Print out some simple instructions and a label letting the gift recipient know that the contents of the bag are an expert-level jigsaw puzzle!

The Diet Water Gag

Do you have a friend or family member who is always careful about eating low-calorie, low-carb food? This gag gift is quick and easy and ideal for them.

Buy a regular bottle of drinking water and print out a label saying “Diet Water”. Stick it to the bottle and give it as a gift.

Candy Gag Gifts

Putting some mints into a clear glass jar can generate all sorts of great gag gifts. Print out a label to explain what the mints are supposed to be and you have an instant gift that will get some laughs and everyone can enjoy the mints too.

Here are some suggestions for your gift labels:

Anti-Aging Pills – Take one per day to help turn back the clock. For emergencies like yours, take them all at once.

Smart Pills – When you feel the need to say something dumb, take one pill immediately. Place pill under your tongue and suck it until the dumb moment passes

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