Homemade Foot Cream, Scrubs & Pedicures

gifting the homemade foot cream

One of the easiest parts of the body to forget about is your feet, so let’s take a look at homemade foot cream, scrubs, pedicures and DIY products that will help immensely.

Your feet are apart of your body, just like your fingers. And so your little piggies and feet need just as much tender love and care as other parts of your body, if not more so.

Your feet and consequently your toes, carry all of your body weight – it’s not surprising they get chapped and hardened – especially with the shoes women wear these days. But a lot of these things are totally irreversible with a few techniques and some homemade pedicures to keep them soft and smooth.

Making Homemade Foot Cream

homemade foot cream

First up is my homemade foot cream and it really helps to condition the feet. It will help to treat common foot problems (verrucas, tender feet, brittle nails, and chilblains).

This cream will also disinfect your feet and leave them feeling and smelling fresh. It helps to stimulate circulation and reduce aches and pains.



  1. Over a low heat, slowly melt the oils (coconut and sweet almond), beeswax and cocoa butter in a large heavy – based stainless steel saucepan. Add the water to the pan slowly and then beat vigorously until smooth.Slowly melt the oils, beeswax and cocoa butter
  2. Remove the saucepan from the heat and continue stirring until the cream cools down to body temperature (37 C). Add the essential oils (lemon and ginger) and mix thoroughly.Continue stirring until the cream cools down
  3. In order to prevent the water and oil separating, continue to stir until completely cool before transferring into an airtight glass jar. Clear jars must be kept in a dark place to preserve the essential oils.
  4. Before you go to bed, have a warm bath and massage the cream into your feet, then put on some cotton socks and leave the cream to work overnight.
  5. Add a simple bow to gift your homemade foot cream.

gifting the homemade foot cream

Making A Homemade Foot Scrub

Sometimes I get really hard heels, but I found this recipe for a foot scrub which helps remove the tough skin from the heels of my feet. My feet have never felt better!

homemade foot scrub

All You’ll Need Is:

You probably won’t be able to get Maldon salt flakes easily, as they come from a place in England called Essex. However, I just use any old sea salt and it works great!

You’re going to need mixing bowl and a spoon for the recipe and some glass jars (you can use dark or clear glass jars, but they must have lids. A decent sized jam jar should do it).


  1. First you mix the sweet almond oil and all the essential oils together.
  2. After, add the salt and stir thoroughly.

And that’s it! Yup, that easy.

  • However, you really should store it in dark jars. However, if you’re using the clear jars I highly recommend storing them in a dark place, (a cupboard in your kitchen or bathroom maybe?) this will ensure that the aroma is well preserved so you get that lovely smell every time you use it.
  • Make sure you wash your feet and then soak them in warm water for around 5 minutes before you use the scrub. I’ve found this softens your skin a little, so the scrub works even better. Once your feet are dry, just scoop out a handful of the homemade scrub and massage into the skin on your feet, make sure you spend longer in areas with hard skin.
  • You can do this over the bath or a large bowl, just to make sure you don’t make a mess. Once you’re finished, rinse all the salt off your feet with warm water and then dry them with a soft towel.
  • Once you’re done your feet are going to feel wonderful! However, they will still feel a little oily, but don’t try and get that off. Allow the oils to sink in and do their job. I just put on some comfortable cotton socks to keep me from traipsing greasy footprints around the house.
  • For women who are pregnant, I would recommend not using the myrrh essential oil; just remove it from the recipe completely. It’ll still work wonders to tired, hardened feat, with tough skin around the heel leaving them feeling fresher and younger than ever!

Making A Tea Tree Foot Spray

This is a cooling and deodorizing homemade foot spray that can also be used on other parts of the body for a quick freshen up. The tea tree oil is a natural antifungal which can help treat and prevent athlete’s foot, verrucas, warts and many other skin infections.

Homemade foot spray

The lemon essential oil definitely helps to breathe a bit of life back into tired and aching feet. And the lemon juice, when it’s mixed with the vodka, gives it a pretty good shelf life too, lasting about 6 months once it’s made up.



Simply put all the ingredients into a clean spray bottle and give it a good shake.

And shake well before each use – before spraying your feet or other body areas, avoiding your face as the alcohol does tend to be a little drying.

I’ve even used this homemade foot spray in my children’s trainers after gym class to give them a quick antibacterial freshen up.

Homemade Pedicures

Give yourself a homemade pedicure! Nothing says beauty like beautifully kept toenails, and it’s not as hard as you may think!

People all over the world spend their hard earned money on professionally done pedicures, when it really isn’t necessary.

If you have the time and patience to perfect this little gem of a technique, then your set for life and up around $60 per treatment. But you are going to need a few basics before you can give homemade pedicures;

You Will Need:

Once you’ve gathered these ingredients, your homemade pedicures are good to go.


  1. First, soak your feet in the footbath for around five to ten minutes. While your leaving them to soak, grab your pumice stone and get to work on those hard areas of skin you have on the bottom and sides of the feet and/or toes.
  2. Don’t rub your feet raw, just remove the dead and hardened skin.
  3. Then dry your feet well with your towel.
  4. Next, take your nail scissors or clippers. Always cut across and never down at the corners, which would cause ingrowing toenails (which isn’t good for you or pretty, at all). Make sure that you cut them flat and only very slightly rounded.
  5. Next, take your emery board and begin to smooth out your nails, working in one direction only. Once smoothed out, dip a cotton bud into the almond or sunflower oil, and begin to push back the cuticles of your toes. The cuticles are the layers of skin which cover the very base of both your finger and toenails.
  6. To finish your homemade pedicure, give yourself a nice foot massage and dust on some foot powder or smooth on some refreshing foot lotion.

Your toes and feet should now look immaculate, and stay that way if you repeat the process regularly or whenever your feet aren’t looking their best.

Homemade Foot Powder

Now if you want to take your pedicures to the next level, why not try your very own homemade foot powder.

These mint scented products will leave your feet feeling more refreshed and softer than ever before.

You Will Need:


  1. Pour the baby powder, cornflour and boric acid together in a plastic bag. Make sure the bag is strong, as not to break and make a mess.
  2. Next, rub your peppermint oil and tea tree oil into the powdery mix with your fingertips.
  3. Make sure to store the powder in the bag you mixed it in, and apply with just a small dusting puff or cotton wool ball.

Homemade Foot Massager

Don’t laugh but, I made up this homemade foot massager after spending a night on the town in shoes that hopefully looked better than they felt. It only took about five minutes to make, it doesn’t look great, but I have to say it worked a treat.

homemade foot massager

What You Will Need:

  • One old sock
  • A few marbles, or golf balls


  1. First of all tie a knot in the toe end of the sock.
  2. Fill the sock with the marbles / golf balls or a mixture of both.
  3. Tie a knot in the other end, and that’s it, your homemade foot massager is ready for use.

Do you have your own homemade foot cream recipe? What else do you do to look after your feet?

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