Homemade Facial Scrub for Men

homemade facial scrub

This homemade facial scrub soap is a gentle, yet deeply cleansing soap. The poppy seeds will exfoliate your skin as well as unblock the pores, whilst the natural oils moisten and nourish your skin.

Comprising an excellent mix of essential oils to give a fruity fragrance which has a touch of cinnamon, this is among the best homemade face scrubs for men, and it’ll definitely put a spring back into your step, leaving you feeling fresh, smooth and raring to go.


Makes 6 or 7 bars

Specifics To This Recipe

Use the Cold Process Method plus the following recipe specific steps:

The Cold Process Method

  • In Step 4 – Combine oils and lye when both temperatures reach 96° F (35.5 C)
  • In Step 5 – Add essential oils and seeds at “trace” stage

Photos From This Homemade Facial Scrub Recipe:

homemade facial scrub recipe

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