Homemade Deer Feeders

You can attract wildlife with homemade deer feeders!

Everyone in the family enjoys spotting a whitetail deer in the backyard when they least expect it.

Placing  feeders throughout your property will attract them on a regular basis, allowing you to regularly enjoy their company.

To make your own deer feeders, you can find most of the needed materials lying around in the garage or in the throwaway pile at your local hardware store.

How To Make Your Own Deer Feeder

First, you need to choose the trees you want to attach the feeders to.

Next, gain access to some PVC pipe or other sturdy plastic tube, and a plastic or metal drum or bucket of some sort. Plastic ties or old farm fence can be used to secure the tubing to your selected trees.

Deer feeders require a tube that can be filled with corn or other type of feed, which dispenses it into a feeding bowl. The plastic tubing should be approximately 5 or 6 feet tall, so that the deer can’t reach the top, but you can in order to refill it. It should also be about 5 or 6 inches in diameter so that it holds plenty of feed.

Cut your pipe or tubing to the correct height, then cut the top off of your selected bucket or drum.

Next, simply place the drum on the ground next to the trees (it should be about 6 feet high), stand the pipe or tubing alongside the tree with the bottom emptying into the feeder bowl, and secure to the tree with the ties.

Using your Homemade Deer Feeder

You will simply need to take a trip to your nearest farm or pet supply store and inquire about the best feed to use. Or if you live in a rural area, you may have a farmer nearby that can sell you whole corn for much less than you’ll find at the stores.

Other than that you can find good value Deer Feed and Deer Attractant on Amazon.

Pour your selected feed into the top of the tube, and it will empty into the feeder bowl. As the deer eat the feed, it will continue to travel down the tube until it’s emptied.

It may take a few days or weeks for you to notice visitors to your home made deer feeders. Deer are typically wary of anything new, especially if it smells of humans.

Try not to touch your feeders more than necessary, and clean them regularly to prevent the spread of disease. If you have a great design for homemade deer feeders, submit your own instructions below to share with others today!

Check Out This Deer Feeder Video

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