Homemade Christmas Present Costume

by Lisa (Orlando, FL US)

Here’s how to make a homemade Christmas present costume using just a cardboard box, some wrapping paper, a little ribbon, a simple bow and some face paint.

Choose a large box depending on how big your child is. Then remove the flaps from one side of the box. Cut out arm holes on opposite sides toward the front and a head hole on the bottom of the box.

Make sure your child can clasp his/her hands in front of him/her, or he/she will not be able to hold their treat bag.

Wrap the box in Christmas paper. Wrap with a large ribbon. Place a bow on child’s head. Paint child’s face a matching color with face paint and decorate with face glitter.

Place decorated box over child’s head so their head sticks out the head hole and arms fit through arm holes. Child should wear pants or tights to match wrapping paper colors.

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