Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking For Some Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas And Inspiration? If you happen to be one of those people who just don’t know what to give a person for Christmas, fear not.

You’re not alone, there happens to be a lot of people who just can’t seem to get out of this problem every time the Holiday Season comes around.

The problem becomes even more frustrating especially when you realize that you’ve known the person almost all your life and yet you can’t seem to find out what he or she would like to have as a gift.

Dozens of people have wracked their brains and end up buying socks (GASP!) or sweaters (a last minute brainstorming bumble) for their loved ones.

So the question to really ask is (especially if you’ve given your loved one a dozen or so handkerchiefs that you’ve bought at the local mall for the past few years), what would be a unique gift this time? That’s easy:

Make some homemade Christmas Gifts for those special people you have in mind.

So, with ‘your’ pain firmly in mind we have scoured the SavvyHomemade pages to come up with our some of our favorites Here’s our Top Ten Homemade Gifts To Make This Year Check them out!

Some Other Quick And Simple Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

When giving these particular homemade christmas gifts, you have to make sure that these would be received by your REAL loved ones and not the girl or boy next door that you’ve been crushing on for 5 years… Avoid being branded a creep or an obsessed wacko!

This is a list of specific homemade Christmas gift ideas you can consult and possibly grab a few ideas from. Also take time to browse the rest of our site as we have many concepts that lend themselves to gifting.

Photo Collages (or other artwork)

These are always impressive no matter what. Take a lot of pictures of that special someone (with or without you) and cut and paste them into a huge montage (or average size, depends on you).

Scrapbooks, mini-albums, Greeting Cards (with photos), Calendars, Photo Story Book, Framed Photos with special notes, etc are other great ideas too.

Food Art

These happen to be the most popular home made Christmas gifts. Chocolates with the person’s name on it (or special figures that remind them of how special they are) is always a heart tugging present.

Cookies, cakes, etc are good examples also. Just make sure the food is good, ok?


Homemade Christmas Gift ideas like these are probably the most easiest to make. Making some pen holders with five small blocks of wood (or some old cup that you’re sure your mom or dad won’t miss) is a good homemade gift.

Adding some of your own artwork to it is a must. Recipe Holders, Hat or Jacket hangers, Fridge-Note holders (with a magnet), etc are other ideas you can make with just a few pieces of wood and some glue.

Apparel or Cloth Art:

Making your loved ones a funny little shirt or towel with comical words or pictures drawn on them, always brings laughter whenever that special someone opens his or her gift. Laughter is always your best bet when you want to make that person feel good about your gift.

Handkerchiefs, scarves, hats, etc are some good ideas as well.

Videos or Music:

These days, especially with computers, one can easily make a hilarious home-video compilation or heartwarming music video that can really make your loved one feel special.

Slideshows, Stop-Motion Animated Clips, Recorded Audio (Holiday-Greetings), etc are other great examples.

The Matter Of Skill

Ok, now that that’s established, there is still the matter of skill.

What if you’re not so good at these things, you may find it hard to make your own christmas gifts? Don’t worry, it’s the thought that counts remember? And besides, an individual is always good at something, even if it’s a common something; and at least it’s still GOOD.

The only minor problem would be identifying these particular skills that you’re good at.

Also, make sure that the person you’re giving the gift to would like it, don’t make something for the purpose of showing off your talent. It’s not about you; it’s about the people you give it to.


Rereading the list of homemade Christmas Gift Ideas over again and browsing Savvy Homemade for ideas is highly recommended as there are a lot of great concepts here that could be used as a Christmas gift.

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