Dia De Los Muertos Costume – Day of the Dead

Dia De Los Muertos Costume
Dia De Los Muertos Costume

Dia De Los Muertos Costume
Dia De Los Muertos Costume

I LOVE anything to do with the Mexican celebration Dia De Los Muertos! (Day of the Dead) So I decided to try & create my own sugar skull character!

I bought my red & black gown at a garage sale for $3, my top hat, roses & plastic skull (for my hat) at a second hand store for $2.50.

My gloves for a $1 at the dollar store and I wore nylons with bones on them that I also bought for $1 at the dollar store. I embellished a pair of black shoes with skulls…I already owned the wig, make-up & belt!

It took me about 2 hours to do the sugar skull make-up & I added gems that I stuck on with spirit gum! I painted my neck & chest with black acrylic paint & added ‘bones’ when it was dry!

For my ‘bones’, I cut them out of the styrofoam meat trays that you buy your steak or pork chops on! LOL….I drew lil’ veins on them with a marker & glued them on with spirit gum!

I was very pleased how it all turned out & received many compliments…..what do you think? :)

Comments for Dia De Los Muertos Costume – Day of the Dead

Thank U very much Brian! I am still shocked that I won!!!! There were sooooooo many INCREDIBLE costumes!!!!! Thank U very very very much SAVVY HAOMEMADE!!!!! :)

Well done
by: Brian
Congratulations Sherida 1st place!!

Thanx’ :)
Thank you very much for your comment! I’m not sure I was going for ‘gross’ as most sugar skulls are a work of art!!!! Maybe ‘creepy’? lol… But…..I will take it as a compliment!!!! :) Thanx’ again very much!

Dia De Los Muertos Costume
by: Angela
Wow Sherida you look perfectly gross! I’m guessing that’s what you were aiming for, lol. I’m so impressed with the savvy way you’ve purchased the items for your Dia De Los Muertos Costume and in the way you have used them.

Thanks for the great photos and good luck in the competition.

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