DIY Bath & Body Recipes

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These diy bath products and body recipes are sure to keep you busy, nurture your skin and save you hundreds of dollars a year. What more can you ask for?

Treat yourself to a comforting hot bath, using your very own bath bombs, or body scrub recipe with hand picked essential oils. Or nourish your skin with a top class homemade lotion recipe that will knock the socks off any synthetic, branded products you can buy at the drug store. There’s something for everybody.

homemade body oil

How To Make DIY Body Oil Recipes

It’s extremely quick and easy to mix up a simple, therapeutic, totally pure, additive-free, non-irritant diy body oil recipe with maximum benefits that is tailored to your very own needs and all at a very low cost, in minutes!

my best diy bath salts

4 Wonderfully Relaxing DIY Bath Salt Recipes

I love a good soak, so I often use one of these bath salt recipes to help me wind down after a long, hard day. As you lie in a bath of hot water the atmosphere softens the skin and speeds up oil absorption allowing the essential oils to do their best work on your skin, mind, and body.