Bath & Body Recipes:

Cleopatra’s Milky Cocoa Butter Bath

Cocoa Butter Bath Treats

We call this Cleopatra’s Milky Bath of Lovelies, it's a cocoa butter bath soak for those who want to luxuriate for hours in a moisturizing wildly decadent tub of pleasure! This is one of my families all-time favorite bath treats so I keep a big glass jar of this in my bathroom at all times. Even Continue Reading

Natural Homemade Body Scrub Gifts

homemade body scrub

There are so many benefits to be found when you make your own homemade body scrub recipes. Body scrubs make wonderful homemade gifts. They are great for exfoliating old skin cells, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Body Scrubs are excellent for all skin types and can Continue Reading

How To Make Homemade Perfume and Aftershave

homemade perfume

It's quite easy to make your own homemade perfume with essential oils and alcohol. Using good quality base oil and a selection of essential oils, you can create some a wonderful perfume that will suit your personality. The effectiveness of plant oils (essential oils) has been found to be Continue Reading

10 Minutes To Make Homemade Bath Fizzies

homemade bath fizzies

These little blocks of beautifully scented fun will make wonderful unique and inexpensive gifts for anyone. Watch your homemade bath fizzies buzz away whilst a therapeutic aroma fills the air. Feel the warmth of the cocoa butter (which is often described as the ultimate moisturizer) flowing Continue Reading

Homemade Moisturizer Bars

homemade moisturizer bars

These solid homemade moisturizer bars are a great homemade gift idea. They are very easy to make and once you have the basic recipe you can then tweak it till your heart’s content. Apart from the obvious all over lotion bar, you can also create lip balms and muscle rubs with this versatile Continue Reading

Easy Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe & More

homemade bubble bath & loofah soap gift

The easiest way to create a unique or novel homemade bubble bath recipe or shower gel solution would be to use a ready-made liquid bath base. Below I've made an easy bubble bath, a liquid salt scrub and a shaving cream, all three of them using the liquid base. A basic bath base is a clear thick Continue Reading

Making Pretty Little Homemade Soap Balls

Pretty homemade soap balls

These homemade soap balls are adorable, and they look and smell lovely when displayed in a bowl or on a pretty plate in the bathroom. Homemade soap balls also make excellent homemade gifts, they are reasonably cheap to create and you can make a few or a whole batch of them in a number of Continue Reading

Homemade Skin Moisturizers Using Oils

homemade skin moisturizers

It's extremely quick and easy to mix up simple, therapeutic, totally pure, additive free, non-irritant homemade skin moisturizers with maximum benefits that are tailored to your very own needs and all at a very low cost, in minutes! However, making your own moisturizer recipe isn't just about Continue Reading

Homemade Body Lotion Recipes

homemade body lotion gift

Looking for homemade body lotion recipes? How much money have you spent buying lotions for your hands, feet and the rest of your body only to find that they're sticky or they don't absorb properly? When you read the list of ingredients on the label, most store-bought body lotions read like more Continue Reading

Homemade Bath Oil Recipes

homemade bath oils

Homemade bath oil recipes are not just a simple and easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bath; they will moisten and nourish your skin, along with treating the everyday ailments that you may be suffering with. People have been bathing in various things for years; Cleopatra bathed in asses' Continue Reading

Wonderful Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

homemade bath salts

Homemade bath salt recipes can transfer your basic bath into a wonderful therapeutic treat. When essential oils are released into a bath of warm water along with salts, the oils release even more molecules than if you were to have a massage. Sea salt and Epsom salts are both cleansing and Continue Reading

Making Homemade Body Butter Cream

whipped homemade body butter cream

Here's how to make homemade body butter cream, it's amazingly moisturizing, quickly melts and absorbs into your skin and is often referred to as the ultimate moisturizer. Making homemade body butter cream is one of my favorite all time natural beauty recipes. One of the best things about it is Continue Reading