A Homemade Unisex Leather Bracelet

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Homemade Unisex Leather Bracelet

If you would like a hip and fun idea for a unisex leather bracelet, then look no further. This is a really neat looking homemade bracelet that wraps around the wrist three times.

I’ve placed three wooden Pandora style beads on the front and spruced them up with a few jump rings and a bit of natural brown suede cord.

I wanted the back of the bracelet to look just as good as the front so I’ve spared no cost on the large bold stainless steel hook. I think this gives the whole bracelet a cool look and feel, it also makes fastening it a cinch.

What you will need:

Making The Unisex Leather Bracelet:

  1. Take a piece of flat leather about 24 inch or 22 for a female in length. Make a loop at one end of the leather; glue it down and leave to dry (I usually overlap by just under an inch).
  2. Thread 8 jump rings onto the leather and then push them all the way along the leather, then up and onto the area where you have overlapped and glued the leather.Make a loop at one end of the leather
  3. Slide on another 4 jump rings, followed by 1 bead, followed by another 4 jump rings. Push them towards the other end of the leather but don’t worry too much about their position we will deal with that later.
  4. Repeat step 3 two more times followed by a final 8 jump rings.
  5. OK so now you should have( 8 jump rings ) then (4 jump rings,1 bead, 4 jump rings ) then (4 jump rings, 1 bead, 4 jump rings) then (4 jump rings, 1bead, 4 jump rings) and then lastly (8 jump rings).Slide on beads and rings
  6. Thread the leather around the metal hook and glue it down.Thread leather around hook and glue
  7. Check that your first 8 jump rings are positioned nicely onto the double layer of leather and then just after the jump rings on the single part of the leather, wrap a small piece of flat suede cord twice around the leather and glue it down to secure it.Wrap suede cord around twice
  8. Measure about 3inch or 2 for a female from the very end of the leather (about 2 inch from the suede) and wrap a piece of flat suede cord twice around the leather and glue it down to secure it. Push 4 jump rings 1 bead and another 4 jump rings up to the flat cord that you’ve just glued down and wrap another piece of cord around the leather in the same way and glue that down too.Wrap flat suede cord twice around and glue then slide on beads and rings
  9. Measure 6 1/4 inch or 5 inch for a female from the last piece of suede cord that you have just glued down, and as you did in step 8 glue on the cord, push the 4 jump rings, the bead and then 4 jump rings up to it and glue on another piece of suede cord. Measure yet another 6 1/4 inch or 5 for a female from the last piece of suede and repeat the sequence.Repeat at 6 1/4 inch or 5 for a female from the last piece of suede cord
  10. Finish your unisex leather bracelet the same way as you did with the other end of the leather, push the remaining 8 jump rings up and onto the doubled up leather and secure them with the flat cord.Finish with 8 jump rings on the doubled up leather

Homemade Leather Bracelet


These practical homemade bracelets are the easiest and most popular way to go, they slip on and off without the need of a catch and can usually fit any wrist.

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