Homemade Minion Costume

by Robert (San Jose, CA)

Homemade Minion Costume

Homemade Minion Costume

My daughter loved this movie and wanted to be a minion for Halloween. My oldest son and I built her a costume. We started with thin cardboard, then paper mache for more strength. Cut arm holes, eye holes, mouth hole.

Attached fabric for “skin” (or is it a shirt?) and pants. Pipe cleaners for hair.

The eyes were bathing suit material stretched over needlepoint hoops and the pupils colored in with a Sharpie.

We put a pair of suspenders inside – clipped to the cardboard but under the cloth – to take the weight of the suit.

When we went out, everyone under 10 knew who she was. People were asking to have their picture taken with her as though she was a theme park character!

In the movie trailer, a minion has a “cow can” and giggles afterwards. We also built her a can with the cow and the laugh from a digital recorder.

I’ve attached a picture of the finished product.

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Average Rating

by: Anonymous
Great job!

by: Tatyana
Very creative!!! A lot of work put into this one that is why it looks so awesome and unique!!! 6 stars!!!

by: Anonymous
It is very creative!

by: George
Such costume reqires much efforts and love to design!
Moreover, this one is very unusual in comparison with huge amounts of witches and killers.
The costume, as well as its hero, brings a little kindness for this holiday!
Two thumbs up!

Great professional job!
by: Catherine
I am very impressed:
Great job,Great Character!
You, girl,are very lucky to have creative old brother!

by: Anonymous
Great job!

by: Anonymous
That’s quite a costume!

by: Mikhail
That’s a sweet costume!

Awesome costume
by: Anonymous
By far the best minion costume out there this Halloween! Great job!

minions rule
by: Larry
Great costume Robert!

Great idea, great result
by: Shannondale
Excellent work all around. A model of what a modern Halloween outfit might be. In any event, this successful creation should be inspring to lots of parents next time around.

by: Brian
Hey Robert!
I havent seen the film but I googled it, and this costume is so realistic, youve done a great job, nice work.

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