Homemade Body Butter Cream

by Eva (Tampa)

My Homemade Body Butter Cream
My Homemade Body Butter Cream

This Body Butter Cream is amazingly moisturizing, and the ingredients are so good for your skin. The Cocoa butter has often been called the ultimate moisturizer. It quickly melts and absorbs into the skin, and its really good for anyone suffering with eczema or dermatitis.

The Shea butter leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. It contains both vitamins A and E and has been known to fade stretch marks.( suitable for all skin types).

What you will need

Making Homemade Body Butter Cream


  1. First you need to blend all the ingredients together, and then gently melt them. You can ether melt them in a double boiler or in a microwave oven.
  2. Once all the ingredient is melted, give it a quick whisk with a electric hand blender. Then pop it into the freezer for five minutes to cool ( if you cant fit it in your freezer you can put it into a bowl full of ice to cool it.)
  3. Take your mixture out of the freezer, and if you want to add any fragrance add a few drops of essential oils at this point( this is optional it smells pretty good on its own)
  4. Give it another good whisk so you get lots of air into it.
  5. Put it back into the freezer/bowl for five more minutes, take it out and whip again, repeat the process once more until your body butter begins to make little peaks (like whipping frosting).
  6. Once you are happy with its consistency, spoon it into cosmetic jars or containers and leave to set for 24 hours before using.

If you prefer a softer body butter cream, next time you make this add a little more liquid oil. If you prefer a harder body butter cream, next time add a little more cocoa butter.

Comments for Homemade Body Butter Cream

Shelf life
by: Ariali
By adding vitamin E you can extend the shelf life of your body butter. Vitamin E is great for your skin and a natural preservative!!

ok so i use 8 ozs asst oils, 36 ozs butters, 16 shea and 16 asst others and then i use yellow bees wax pellets, i use a 1 cup pyrex container and measure unmelted, i melt the shea for at least 20 mins then add wax, then other butters then oils, i put it in the freezer for a while then whip with a mixer ,cool,whip,cool,whip,i get about 24 2 oz containers

awsome food body butter
by: Brenda
Yes please, I would like to know the amount of beeswax for this recipe.

Bees Wax
If you add some wax it will stay firmer. That is what i do and everyone loves it.I can give you amounts if you are interested.

by: Anonymous
Ok so I have done all above but have found that it will still melt and then has to be put in fridge. Is there anything like arrowroot etc that can be added that would help keep it thick? I like to use olive and coconut oils the best.

by: Susanne
This is so wonderful. I’ve long been a huge fan of Shea Butter-everything and this is wonderful for my dry skin. Plus it’s fun to make, I got carried away whipping it because it whipped up so nicely – I wanted to put it on a cake…Next time a little less whipping for a more creamy texture otherwise I’ll make this again and again!

Great recipe
by: Anonymous
I love this recipe! Thanks so much! I keep the shea butter at room temp, use a fork to mash it out, and then add the melted cocoa butter to the softened shea and use the hand blender to whisk. It’s absolutely devine! :)

melting shea butter
My research has found recommendations on melting shea butter and keeping it heated for at least 20 minutes. This keeps it from being grainy. I have to melt my butters and beeswax together to blend with my other ingredients. I do not have any problem with the texture when i do this

by: Jennifer
Just soften it enough to whisk it briskly to aerate it. Whipped Shea butter is excellent blended with oils or cocoa butter. Blend with water and an emulsifier to make a lighter cream or lotion.

So glad this was helpful for you. Sometimes it gets frustrating but when it comes together its very rewarding!

Firmer Body Butter
by: Anonymous
Thanks, Just Bees Nuts for the info re: how much beeswax, oils, & butters you use for firmer butter. I’ve been hesitant to add more than an ounce of beeswax but you’re right; 75% solids+beeswax and 25% or less oils does the trick. Because I live in a very hot climate, just whipping up oils & butters w/air to fluff it up isnt a good enough for me to sell…once it melts its liquid even after putting it in the fridge to firm it up. The products I sell have more solids which = more expense, but it lasts much longer than other homemade body butters that rely on just air for volume.

the only thing i know to do is remelt it. i find it easier to whip when i put it in a bowl of ice. i tried the freezer thing but found it got to cold to fast and then it was hard to get it smooth out. the starch thing … i bought the natrasorb which is for lotions etc and if you put to much of it when you use the butter it dosent mositurize as well the recipe i gave with those amounts of oils wax and butter has been the least greasy and everyone loves it dont give up it gets better

How can I make it lighter?
by: Anonymous
I’ve made several body butter recipes & although this one isnt as easy, the 1st time I made this one it turned out great. I put a little beeswax. The others were mostly air & when in the heat they melted & didnt come harder even the fridge. This one stayed mostly solid. However, today I doubled the batch (added 1 oz beeswax to ensure it set up) & its just not whipping up…not sure why. I added more oil to see if that would make it lighter but not happening; its really heavy & not whipping up. I added cornstarch to take down the greasiness but doenst help.
Any suggestions? It been in/out of the freezer about 4 times….?

my tips
As someone else commented, you have to melt the shea and keep it on heat for about 20 min that keeps it from being grainy. I find it keeps really well in fridge for at least 6 months.
I add beeswax to mine I use 16 oz shea and 4oz beeswax I melt the beeswax in the shea after the 20 mins then add the other butters. I use mango avacado aloe coco (you can get coco with out any smell) I like the smell but in my lavender one I use brazilnut instead of coco it has mild nutty smell. Anyway in 32 ozs I only use 4 ozs of oils 4 ozs beeswax and the rest butters, it comes out really nice after you whip it.

I have been working on this for about one year and this has worked best so far. When I mail it I just tell people to open carfully and cool if it has melted.

by: Anonymous
How long does this body butter cream last without preservatives?

cooling time
by: Stefanie
I made this recipe today, and I had to let it chill longer than 5 minutes before it started to set so I could whip it. It was more like 20 or 25 minutes before it started to set. It whipped up beautifully. After the first whipping, I stuck it back in the freezer for a few minutes, and then whipped again, which was too much. A good portion came out nice and creamy, but the closer to the pan I got, the butter came out chunkier. I think that was probably from whipping too much. But it still melts on the skin nicely! I am very excited about this recipe, and I can’t wait for my next batch when I add some essential oils to make different scents!

by: Mary C
OK this was a first for me… This is the first time that I have ever made homemade anything, let alone body butter cream. I read the instructions first and naturally missed a few details. First missed detail was to mix everything together first, well I microwaved the cocoa butter and shea butter separately – mainly just to get the measurements correct – and then put them in a small pan on the stove and heated more. I did put the pan in the freezer first time, took it out and just stirred it with a wooden spoon. I than poured the mixture into a glass 2 cup measuring cup and back in the freezer. Then notice I was supposed to use mixer. So I put one beater in my heavy mixer and used it that way 2 times. Finally figured out that I probably should have used both to get the air in, but didn’t. Well, after the fifth time of being in the freezer, those white peaks finally came and I was so tickled. To my surprise, my body butter cream has the same consistency as my daughter’s store bought one after it set, just creamier.
I always make my Christmas jpgts and this is definitely going to be what I will be making this year. I just need help with the essential oils.

The one thing I did notice was that it took a large amount of essential oil to overcome the smell of the cocoa butter. Is that natural, or did I miss something again? But I have to admit that I didn’t mix in the oils until it had set, total afterthought. I am just getting into this natural stuff and am still learning, but am having so much fun. So I could use and would appreciate all the help I get.

This is so awesome. Thank you ever so much for sharing.

worked great!
by: Mimi
I used this recipe but substituted the shea butter for coconut oil (which has a butter like consistency) so I didn’t have any problems with grainyness. I was pleasantly surprised that it looked just like whipped frosting after 3-4 blendings! I didn’t add any fragrance because the smell of cocoa butter is simply good enough to eat!

Haven’t tried yet but…
by: Becky
If the shea butter cools too fast, it can get grainy or lumpy (I read somewhere). Hope that helps!

Softening your body butter
by: Janelle
Hello Angela,
I have had the same problem as you and Karen but using a slightly different recipe. Even though the ‘hard’ body butter work well, it is much nicer to apply a ‘soft’ body butter. Have you perfected the original recipe? I would like to try the perfected recipe!


Hard butter
by: Ash
I used this recipe with shea butter and sweet almond oil, 3 different batches all came out the same, after a day they were a little lumpy and hard!! what should I do?

Heating shea
by: Anonymous
I learned you need to melt the shea for 20 mins or it is grainy when it cools.

by: Angela
Hi Sherry, I’m not sure about the cost of making a batch, it would depend where you buy your ingredients. But once you buy the ingredients that you need for this cream you can then go on to use them in many other recipes. The idea I guess is to build yourself a nice varied supply of natural ingredients for use as and when you need them.
Theres nothing in this recipe that wont keep well, but the fresher the better ;-) I wouldnt’t keep this longer than 6 months.

Cost of One Batch?
by: Sherry
Hi What is the approximate cost of making a batch? (or to buy all ingredients needed?) I buy my body butter off an etsy site and like to buy American made products. Also how long can you store it? I think this would make great Christmas presents!

I made this with my daughter and we love it. It was a little too hard but next time I know to whip it less so it will be a softer consistency. Thanks

by: Anonymous
I had the grainy texture with my Shea butter. I’m going to try melting the next time. Thanks for the tips.

Good recipe
by: Anonymous
I make a version of this, but I leave the cocoa butter out and just use shea butter. You can also add a tbsp of corn starch to absorb some of the “greasiness.” I also use a mix of oils, usually cooconut oil, grapeseed oil and sesame oil.

What is the shelf life?
by: Tammi
How long can I expect this to remain fresh?

Add more liquid oils for softer butter
by: Anonymous
1. Shea butter is softer than coco butter so you may need more liquid oils to soften coco butter than you will with shea butter.
2. I always add the essential oil in last after the mix has cooled just before I mix the batch with the mixer.

3. Always always melt the hard butters,I tried just mixing shea butter with liquid oils with the mixer and, tho most blended well, the texture was very grainy. Apparently in order to combine shea with other oils melting it is the only way.

4. I do not heat the liquid oils and never the essential oils if I can help it.

5. Consistencies are varied and some of my butters were hard like balms so I re-batched them adding more liquid oils to them, now some the shea is creamy like whipped butter and the coco is heavy full bodied.

6. Applications have their names and i have been learning them.
balm, ointment, salve, cream, butter, lotions.
I do not know if it changes the definition but I would like to produce a waterless product.

Shipping my cream..but
by: Veronica
I love making my Veronica’s Secrete Creams. However, I have lots of orders to ship..however, I tried it and that beautiful creamy texture turns to pure oil.
I can make it thicker, however, I do not want to..Dry ice not good…
Any help? Thanks Veronica

Softening your body butter
by: Angela
Hi Karen Ive had a go at this one myself and a similar thing happened to me. Although my body butter didn’t go lumpy it did go very firm and I’m pretty sure I didn’t over heat the butters.
The next time I make this recipe I’m going to add less of the hard oils and a little more liquid oil, this should give it a much softer and creamier consistency. That said; I still really like this recipe, even though it’s a bit on the hard side I’m finding that it melts on the skin as you apply it.

Once Ive perfected this body butter I will alter the original recipe. Thanks for the feed back Karen.

Wonderful and a question
by: Karen
Hi there – I made this!! Its wonderful. My only complaint is its not smooth, its kinda of chunky and wax like now that its cooled and sat for a day. Did I overheat the butters?

Body butter
by: Janice
I can’t wait to start making this body butter. I sometimes make my own soap so I already have most of the ingredients needed for this. And if it turns out well, I will be giving it for Christmas this year.

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