Simply Natural Lotions

Simply Natural Lotion

Posed By Mid Stutsman (Goshen, IN, USA) Overview Easy homemade lotions using just a few all natural ingredients. The creamy version has coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil, plus a couple of drops of peppermint and lavender oil. I use it for an all-over hand and body lotion. And because of the healing […]

How To Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

simple head pin earrings

I’ve spent many fun evenings with friends and a couple of glasses of wine showing them how to make head pin earrings. Yes they really are that easy to make. The stylish head pin earrings you see below are simply great fun and incredibly cheap to make. You can literally create endless pairs for every […]

Making Clustered Earrings

homemade clustered earrings

It’s hard to believe that this tutorial for making clustered earrings is still very much in the beginners section of easy homemade jewelry. Most of the beads I’ve used to make these homemade earrings are from a basic glass bead mix that I had left over from the homemade clustered necklace I created earlier. Bead […]

Make A Clustered Necklace

Homemade clustered necklace

It’s really easy to make a clustered necklace, I find this to be ‘anything goes’ type of jewelry making, you can literally grab a handful of beads and make a necklace or earrings up as you go. As an example last week I made a clustered lariat necklace. I used a few sliver charms (can […]

Olive Oil Soap Recipes

making rosewood olive-oil soap

Although olive oil soap is beautifully creamy and moisturizing it often means soft and quick to dissolve. This week I’ve been experimenting by adding a little bees wax to my recipe and I have to say with some very nice results! The wax has helped to produce a hard and long lasting soap that’s quite at […]

Making Homemade Clay Jewelry

homemade clay jewelry

Be the bell of the ball with these cool homemade clay jewelry projects. You will need to set aside a couple of days for this project as the clay will need to dry out over night before you can paint it, but you will be thrilled with the results. What You Will Need Recipe for […]

Homemade Clay Marbles

Homemade Clay Marbles

These homemade clay marbles are so easy to make, the recipe below is enough to make about 100 if not more. What You Will Need This homemade clay recipe Acrylic Paints and paint brushes How To Make Your Clay Marbles Once you have made up your homemade clay, you can ether choose to color it […]

Easy Homemade Bubble Bath

Homemade Bubble Bath & Loofha Soap Gift

The easiest way to create a unique or novel homemade bubble bath/ shower gel would be to use a readymade liquid bath base. A basic bath base is a clear thick liquid that’s been especially prepared for you to add your own colors, scents and skin enhancing ingredients resulting in the perfect bubble bath/shower gel […]

Nettle Soap with Lime and Spearmint

Homemade Nettle and Lime Soap

Common nettle weeds are frequently overlooked for their therapeutic values, mainly because of their nasty sting. Yet this common weed is said to relive joint pains and improve skin irritations such as acne and eczema. Although the dried nettle leaves on the top of this soap will eventually float away I have laced the soap […]

Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Soap

Finished chunky vanilla and chocolate soap

My homemade vanilla and chocolate soap smells good enough to eat… A must for all chocolate cookie lovers 😉 You will need one or two bars of the chocolate bar soap from our goat’s milk soap page to make this, but don’t let that put you off as the chocolate goats milk soap is so […]

Making A Book Safe

homemade book safe

Spy kids need somewhere to hide their treasures. There’s no better place to hide things out of plain sight than in a book safe. Nobody would ever think of looking inside a book on your bookshelf for your important things, so a book could be the ideal safe. What You Will Need Before you start […]

Homemade Spy ID Cards

finished spy id card

There may be times when you will need a fake id card so that you will be able to glide unnoticed into prohibited areas. You may need a few of these homemade spy ID cards with different names and disguises so feel free to print of as many as you need. Here’s what you will […]

Making A Periscope For Kids

kids homemade periscope

Any good spy should always check that the coast is clear before entering rooms. So making a periscope could be the perfect idea for your homemade spy kit. It will help make sure you know what’s around the corner and you can even use a periscope to see over fences! To make your own periscope […]

Making A Cipher Wheel

kids cipher wheel

Every spy needs a secret way to exchange messages with other agents from time to time. Making a cipher wheel is an excellent addition to your homemade spy gear and a great way to keep the content of any top secret letter safe. This clever little wheel can be used to encrypt and decrypt any […]

Suspending & Embedding Objects in Soap


There are lots of very quick and easy effects that can be produced by suspending or embedding objects in soap. Simply by adding a few dry botanicals or exfoliates to your mp soap base can give it a really creative look and feel. Clear soap base is perfect for suspending or embedding objects, whilst basic […]

How To Make Loofah Soap


Adding dried loofah to soap not only looks good but makes an excellent natural exfoliator which is particularly effective on knees and elbows or when used on the skin before applying any tanning products. About Loofah Loofah is grown from a plant that’s very similar to the cucumber plant (in fact it is a very […]

Luxury Homemade Face Soap Recipe


When it comes to making soap at home this luxury melt and pour recipe is great. It’s simple to make and is adaptable to suit any skin type just by choosing the correct oil to match your skin. Selecting The Oil For Your Homemade Face Soap Recipe: Normal or combination skin Sweet Almond Oil Mature […]

Layered Melt and Pour Soap

Layered melt and pour soap

Layered melt and pour soap looks very impressive and can be created with almost any melt and pour soap base. The hardest part of layering soap is knowing when to pour the melted soap and at what temperature. Once you’ve mastered this the procedure really is very simple and you will soon be making some […]

Cream Coffee Soap Recipe

Cream Coffee Melt & Pour Soap

OK, so this cream coffee soap is not the prettiest or delicately fragranced mp soap recipe. But it is an excellent exfoliating bar of soap that can be used on the face as a deep cleansing bar to remove oil and combat both spots and black heads. Coffee grinds are also known for their anti-cellulite […]

Kids Visual Bottles

Kids Visual Bottles

Sight and sound musical instruments are very popular with little ones, and these visual bottles can be created very easily with a clear bottle and a selection of nick-nacks. Homemade Rain Shaker This first bottle is called a rain shaker and is made from a clear bottle, rice and cocktail sticks (tooth picks). By twisting […]

Homemade Maracas

Homemade Maracas

A great fun project for adults and children alike, homemade maracas are definitely enjoyable musical instruments to make. This is a project where you can really get involved and possibly a little messy in the process 😉 What you will need Two plastic bottles (I’ve used milkshake bottles) 2 handful’s of ether rice, pasta, lentils […]

Pretty Little Soap Balls

Pretty homemade soap balls

Homemade soap balls are adorable, and they look and smell lovely when displayed in a bowl or on a pretty plate in the bath room. These pretty soap balls also make excellent gifts, they are reasonably cheap to create and you can make a few or a whole batch of them in a number of […]

Cleopatra’s Milky Cocoa Butter Bath

Cocoa Butter Bath Treats

We call this Cleopatra’s Milky Bath of Lovelies and its for those who want to luxuriate for hours in a moisturizing wildly decadent tub of pleasure! This is one of my families all time favorites bath treats so I keep a big glass jar of this in my bathroom at all times. Even the men […]

Two Layered Bath Oil


by Sam (Durham) Overview You will love the way this bath oil looks in the bathroom. It takes next to no time to make and apart from giving the bathwater a wonderful aroma, your skin will feel soft, smooth and moisturized. Try to match the color with the scent you choose. For example a floral […]

Easy Porridge


by Kelly Wills (United Kingdom) Perfect homemade porridge! There are many great porridge recipes around, but this one is probably my all time favorite. This basic porridge recipe enables you to add all sorts of ingredients to it, giving you many variations. I’m reluctant to add that I’ve even added lumps of cheese to it […]

Herbal Bath Tea


by Brenda Kelford (Smiths Falls Ontario) Overview Scentual Bath Crystals. A luxurious blend of sea salt, Epsom salts, and pure essential oil Patchouli, and fragrance oils Sandalwood and Neroli. Just 2 – 3 tablespoons added to your bath makes a totally relaxing, wonderfully scented bathing experience! Method 125 ml Sea Salt 125 ml Epsom salts […]

Homemade French Horn For Kids

Making a Kids French Horn

This simple homemade French horn was one of the first homemade musical instruments we made, and was inspired and created by one of my children after an afternoon picnic in the park listening to a brass band playing. We didn’t have an awful lot to make it with at the time, but he was extremely […]

Whipped Body Butter Recipe

The Finished Whipped Body Butter

This is one of my favorite all time natural body butter recipes. One of the best things about it is that you only need two ingredients to make it, oil and butter! Of course you may want to add a fragrance or essential oil to make it smell absolutely gorgeous, but that’s optional. This body […]

Homemade Moisturizer Bars

Homemade Bath Salts & Body Butter Gift

These solid homemade moisturizer bars are a great gift idea. They are very easy to make and once you have the basic recipe you can then tweak it till your heart’s content. Apart from the obvious all over lotion bar, you can also create lip balms and muscle rubs with this versatile recipe. There are […]

A Homemade Anti Wrinkle Serum

A Homemade Anti Wrinkle Serum

Age defiance serums are generally classed as treatments rather than moisturizers and this is one heck of a treatment. It’s a homemade anti wrinkle serum that last for a year, is packed full of anti ageing ingredients and feels divine! Yes, it is a little pricey to make, but it’s better than shop bought and […] is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy