Making Homemade Clay Jewelry

Be the bell of the ball with these cool homemade clay jewelry projects. You will need to set aside a couple of days for this project as the clay will need to dry out over night before you can paint it, but you will be thrilled with the results. What You Will Need Recipe for […]

Homemade Clay Marbles

These homemade clay marbles are so easy to make, the recipe below is enough to make about 100 if not more. What You Will Need This homemade clay recipe Acrylic Paints and paint brushes How To Make Your Clay Marbles Once you have made up your homemade clay, you can ether choose to color it […]

Making A Book Safe

Spy kids need somewhere to hide their treasures. There’s no better place to hide things out of plain sight than in a book safe. Nobody would ever think of looking inside a book on your bookshelf for your important things, so a book could be the ideal safe. What You Will Need Before you start […]

Homemade Spy ID Cards

There may be times when you will need a fake id card so that you will be able to glide unnoticed into prohibited areas. You may need a few of these homemade spy ID cards with different names and disguises so feel free to print of as many as you need. Here’s what you will […]

Making A Periscope For Kids

Any good spy should always check that the coast is clear before entering rooms. So making a periscope could be the perfect idea for your homemade spy kit. It will help make sure you know what’s around the corner and you can even use a periscope to see over fences! To make your own periscope […]

Making A Cipher Wheel

Every spy needs a secret way to exchange messages with other agents from time to time. Making a cipher wheel is an excellent addition to your homemade spy gear and a great way to keep the content of any top secret letter safe. This clever little wheel can be used to encrypt and decrypt any […]

Kids Visual Bottles

Sight and sound musical instruments are very popular with little ones, and these visual bottles can be created very easily with a clear bottle and a selection of nick-nacks. Homemade Rain Shaker This first bottle is called a rain shaker and is made from a clear bottle, rice and cocktail sticks (tooth picks). By twisting […]

Homemade Maracas

A great fun project for adults and children alike, homemade maracas are definitely enjoyable musical instruments to make. This is a project where you can really get involved and possibly a little messy in the process 😉 What you will need Two plastic bottles (I’ve used milkshake bottles) 2 handful’s of ether rice, pasta, lentils […]

Homemade French Horn For Kids

This simple homemade French horn was one of the first homemade musical instruments we made, and was inspired and created by one of my children after an afternoon picnic in the park listening to a brass band playing. We didn’t have an awful lot to make it with at the time, but he was extremely […]

Making Homemade Drums

Kids love the sound of these homemade drums. And yet you don’t need any special bits to create them with. If you can dig out an old tin can, or spare a storage container or cake pan for a while they can make themselves a great little drum set. What You Will Need Selection of […]

Building a Homemade Telescope

A homemade telescope is something that anyone of almost any age can enjoy, and the act of building your own can elevate that enjoyment even higher. There are many different ways to make your own telescope, but the fundamentals are always going to be relatively similar. Below is a quick rundown of what you’ll need […]

Homemade Spy Gear

So you want to become a spy or special agent, catching the bad guys and solving the clues. This probably means you are going to need one or two spy gear gadgets to keep you ahead of the game. And as spy stuff can be very expensive to buy in the stores you may need […]

Make Your Own Teddy Bear

The first thing you need to do when you make your own teddy bear is to find a pattern that you like which can be a challenge in its self as there are many choose from ranging from beginner to advanced skills. The two teddies below have been created with very easy to handle patterns […]

Making Homemade Puppets

Contrary to what many people think, homemade puppets are not outdated, kids of all ages still love to make them and play with them! Parents, childcare professionals, and even educators can take advantage of these low cost puppet designs to enrich learning and playtime. Puppet making is a great way to extend reading comprehension and […]

Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Looking for a homemade play dough recipe? The playdough we are about to make will keep for months in the fridge in air tight containers, baby food jars make perfect air tight containers for your playdough! Basic Playdough Recipe As this recipe makes about twice the amount of homemade play dough that comes in an […]

Homemade Musical Instruments For Kids

Over the next few days I’ll be showing you some of the simple homemade musical instruments that I created with the kids. Making homemade musical instruments is a fun way to experiment with sound. All of these can be put together using inexpensive items from around the home or from the local grocery store! If […]

Making Homemade Lollipops

These homemade lollipops are delicious. But be aware, due of the temperature of the syrup, our first example the candy lollipops are probably not very suitable to make with the children. If you are looking to involve the kids then I recommend you skip down to the chocolate lollipops as they are much more child […]

Building a Homemade Holograms

Let’s face it – holograms are cool! Even though you saw them in Star Wars over 30 years ago, the simple three dimensional image of someone popping up out of the ground is really cool and the idea of making homemade holograms is enticing to the hobbyist in all of us. But, it isn’t as […]

Three Kids Simple Homemade Toys

Here are some ideas for simple home made kids toys. Try a touch and feel book, a hide n seek puzzle or have some fun making your own unique marbles out of clay! Homemade Marbles This clay recipe for marbles is one I’ve used on many occasions and it’s very simple. The finnished clay can […]

Homemade Candy Recipe

This homemade candy recipe is a great at home or in the classroom science experiment that kids will love because they can eat it to! If you really want to capitalize on the learning opportunity here, follow the precooking steps. Otherwise skip right to the candy recipe below. Precooking Write down predictions about what will […]

Homemade Candle Making for Kids

Homemade candle making for kids is a great way to involve children to develop their creativity and introduce them to arts and crafts. It can be a great way to spend some time with the kids as you find common ground in an activity you all enjoy. You can design and create beautiful candles together […]

Super Fun Bouncy Balloon

by Evelyn Pikalov Here’s A Quick Bouncy BalloonThat I Made All that you need for this is one normal balloon (preferably see through) and two small bouncy balls. Method: First, you take one small bouncy ball, and push it through the small tube like thing in the balloon and fit it through, without ripping the […]

Mad Hatter Doll by Abbie

by Abbie (England) Made this doll at school and think it turned out really well.  

Kids Homemade Bird Feeder

by Chris (Hants) Homemade Bird Feeder We always see birds out of our window on the tree in the garden and I wanted to feed them. The only bit that concerned us was spending a fortune on a store bought bird feeder, so we had the idea to make our own. Our son Christopher had […]

Homemade Silly Putty

by Sam (Hampshire) What does homemade silly putty do? Pull it slowly and it will stretch, quicker and it breaks. It feels like a solid, yet it can drip though a hole when its left standing. It bounces, yet it can also form a puddle!…. Pretty cool stuff don’t you think? Is Home made silly […]

Homemade Puppet Theater

by Kelly (Hampshire) Here’s a savvy homemade puppet theater made from an old shoe box and a few straws. Apart from the craft knife part, my children made this all by themselves it was that simple. What you need A good size shoe box straws colored paper or card glue craft knife Method Turn the […]

Homemade Playdough Jewellery

by Angela (Hampshire) We often use this homemade playdough recipe. It works great as you can see in the photo, Kelly decided that Daniel needed some new homemade playdough jewellery!! Comments for Homemade Playdough Jewellery Average Rating Playdough’s never been so fun! by: Phoebe My daughter loves making playdough jewellery to wear. I hope she […]

Homemade Finger Puppets

by Rebeca (Basingstoke) Hope you like our homemade finger puppets. We created these on a boring baby sitting evening and I have to admit I cant remember the last time we had so much fun, and with no arguments! well apart from who made the best puppet. Making the finger puppets were fun and easy. […]

Homemade Finger Paints

by Angela (Hampshire) I used to work with children every day and I think it is important to know exactly what is in the products I give them to play with especially when half of it ends up in their mouths. These homemade finger paints are not only incredibly cheap and very easy to make, […]

Homemade Cookie Lollipops

by Gemma (Texas) I thought you may like to have a go at my homemade cookie lollipops using my easy fool proof basic cookie recipe. You can of course use any cookie recipe you wish but this particular cookie dough can be made up and kept in the refrigerator for a week or frozen for […] is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy