How To Make Homemade Jewelry

Homemade silver pendant necklaceIf you've never tried creating homemade jewelry before you're in for a fun treat! Not only is it usually less expensive than purchasing jewelry as a gift, it allows you to exercise your creativity and give someone a piece that is truly one-of a kind.

Initially the art of jewelry making might seem just a little challenging, but don't worry you actually don't require any special skills. I've learned how to make jewelry fairly quickly and I will try to guide you through all the tips and techniques.

After you've acquired the few simple principles you will discover that homemade jewelry making can be an affordable, satisfying and even a profitable hobby!

Jewelry Making Basics

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Necklace Basics
Making clustered earrings
Earring Basics
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Easy Bracelets
A Myriad Of Jewelry Making Materials
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How To Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

simple head pin earrings

I’ve spent many fun evenings with friends and a couple of glasses of wine showing them how to make head pin earrings. Yes they really are that easy to make. The stylish head pin earrings you see below are simply great fun and incredibly cheap to make. You can literally create endless pairs for every […]

Making Clustered Earrings

homemade clustered earrings

It’s hard to believe that this tutorial for making clustered earrings is still very much in the beginners section of easy homemade jewelry. Most of the beads I’ve used to make these homemade earrings are from a basic glass bead mix that I had left over from the homemade clustered necklace I created earlier. Bead […]

Make A Clustered Necklace

Homemade clustered necklace

It’s really easy to make a clustered necklace, I find this to be ‘anything goes’ type of jewelry making, you can literally grab a handful of beads and make a necklace or earrings up as you go. As an example last week I made a clustered lariat necklace. I used a few sliver charms (can […]

Basics Of Making Homemade Earrings

Hanging pendants with jump rings

When making homemade earrings the size and weight needs to be considered, but apart from that, anything goes. There are findings to attach any type of earring, bead or pendant to any ear wire. Making homemade jewelry is fairly inexpensive when you compare it to buying jewelry, and it allows you to use your imagination […]

A Homemade Unisex Leather Bracelet


If you would like a hip and fun idea for a unisex leather bracelet, then look no further. This is a really neat looking homemade bracelet that wraps around the wrist three times. I’ve placed three wooden Pandora style beads on the front and spruced them up with a few jump rings and a bit […]

Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire


I regard stringing to be the back bone of jewellery making. It uses easily obtained supplies, and will teach a fundamental sense of coordinating colors along with shapes into an attractive design. Stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire is also perfect for practicing how to manipulate small items with your hands, using pressure and angle […]

Making Swing Style Earrings

homemade swing style earrings

Flexible beading wire is most used for necklaces and bracelets, but below is a way to make simple, modern swing style earrings. First, remember that threading the beads with the wire still on the spool, instead of cutting the wire in advance, makes the wire less likely to kink and helps to eliminate waste. Beading […]

Making A Silver Pendant Necklace

silver pendant necklace

This stunning silver pendant necklace is one of my favourite necklaces; it can be adjusted to any length so it looks great with just about any outfit. You don’t need any special jewellery making tools for this, and best of all it can be put together in a matter of minutes. The most important thing […]

Making Bracelets For Men

homemade jewelry for men

Homemade jewellery doesn’t have to be just for women, these stylish homemade bracelets for men can look great on the fashion conscious male. Making bracelets for men is an extremely easy and economical gift idea. Sometimes costing less than a dollar, and don’t forget that homemade jewellery is so unique that you don’t need to […]

An Attractive Homemade Pendant Necklace


One of the easiest ways to make a quick and stunning necklace is to add an attractive pendant to a length of leather thong or cotton cord. This simple method for a homemade pendant necklace can give a really striking effect and can make an excellent last minute gift for someone at very little cost. […]

Homemade Necklace & Pendant Basics

Opening a Jump Ring

If you love to wear jewelry or have a friends to buy for making a homemade necklace is a wonderful opportunity. You can choose from a myriad of jewelry making beads and or pendants to create something very personal, unique and original. Homemade jewelry is inexpensive compared to buying jewelry and enables you to exercise […]

Matching Homemade Necklace and Earrings

matching homemade necklace and earrings

This classic homemade necklace and earrings set is an ideal starting place for anyone just starting out in jewellery making. Although I’ve used round glass beads for this particular project it works well with most beads, and using two different colored threads knotted together make for a very interested look. Making The Necklace What you […]

A Trendy Homemade Leather Bracelet

homemade braided leather bracelet

A braided homemade leather bracelet would be defiantly high on the fashion list right now. For girls, boys, men or women, there’s a color and style that will suite anyone, and they are so easy to make! In fact this trendy and genuine leather bracelet took me less than two minutes to make up; it’s […]

Making Homemade Bracelets

homemade bracelet

Here’s the easiest and most popular way to make homemade bracelets. The classic elasticated bracelet slips on and off without the need for a catch. These practical bracelets are quick to make and will usually fit any wrist size. And with the ever increasing selection of beads and stones available, and in virtually every shape, […]

Making Pretty Crimp Bead Earrings

homemade crimp bead earrings

If you are looking for a lovely unique gift that’s kind to your wallet then look no further. These pretty crimp bead earrings are very simple to make and can be created using almost any type of bead. I priced up two pairs of these crimp bead earrings with some average and some semi-precious beads. […]

Making A Bootlace Necklace


There are no rules when making a bootlace necklace, it’s really all about trial and error. However if you are not sure where to start let me show you how I make mine. First think about the length you would like the necklace to be and how you would like it to fasten (see notes […]

Stringing A Necklace With Thread


The following technique for beaded homemade jewelry is a method that’s been used for centuries. Making strand of simple beads is an ideal project to familiarize yourself with traditional stringing using a needle and thread. Though stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire may be cheaper, I think this method provides a traditional high quality finish, […]

Beaded Jewelry Unlimited


by Yasna Hunter (Marquette, Michigan) I make homemade beaded jewelry I have been doing it for five years already and I just enjoy the relaxation I get from putting things together. Comments for eaded Jewelry Unlimited Beaded Jewelry by: Nickie I’ve recently been looking for a new hobby and I’ve just come across the beaded […] is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy