Jewelry Making

If you've never tried creating homemade jewelry before you're in for a fun treat! Not only is it usually less expensive than purchasing jewelry as a gift, it allows you to exercise your creativity and give someone a piece that is truly one-of a kind.

Initially the art of jewlery making might seem just a little challenging, but don't worry you actually don't require any special skills. I've learned how to make jewelry fairly quickly and I will try to guide you through all the tips and techniques.

After you've acquired the few simple principles you will discover that homemade jewelry making can be an affordable, satisfying and even a profitable hobby!

Jewelry Making Basics

Opening a Jump Ring
Necklace Basics
Hanging pendants with jump rings
Earring Basics
homemade bracelets
Easy Bracelets
A Myriad Of Jewelry Making Materials
Jewelry Materials
Quality Jewelry Making Equipment At Basic Prices
Quality Equipment

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