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Homemade scented candlesLearning some new homemade crafts and creative hobbies can be both satisfying and exciting. And if you're looking for a little inspiration we have some exciting and creative ideas to choose from.

Many of these will make wonderful gifts for friends and family, and they'll save you a bundle as well! So get in touch with your forgotten creativity, fan the flames of inspiration, and get to work!

Even if you don't consider yourself the naturally creative type, with our easy to follow crafts you'll soon be expressing yourself and clearing a space for your memorabilia, no matter what your age or ability!

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How To Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

simple head pin earrings

I’ve spent many fun evenings with friends and a couple of glasses of wine showing them how to make head pin earrings. Yes they really are that easy to make. The stylish head pin earrings you see below are simply great fun and incredibly cheap to make. You can literally create endless pairs for every […]

Making Clustered Earrings

homemade clustered earrings

It’s hard to believe that this tutorial for making clustered earrings is still very much in the beginners section of easy homemade jewelry. Most of the beads I’ve used to make these homemade earrings are from a basic glass bead mix that I had left over from the homemade clustered necklace I created earlier. Bead […]

Make A Clustered Necklace

Homemade clustered necklace

It’s really easy to make a clustered necklace, I find this to be ‘anything goes’ type of jewelry making, you can literally grab a handful of beads and make a necklace or earrings up as you go. As an example last week I made a clustered lariat necklace. I used a few sliver charms (can […]

Making Homemade Clay Jewelry

homemade clay jewelry

Be the bell of the ball with these cool homemade clay jewelry projects. You will need to set aside a couple of days for this project as the clay will need to dry out over night before you can paint it, but you will be thrilled with the results. What You Will Need Recipe for […]

Homemade Clay Marbles

Homemade Clay Marbles

These homemade clay marbles are so easy to make, the recipe below is enough to make about 100 if not more. What You Will Need This homemade clay recipe Acrylic Paints and paint brushes How To Make Your Clay Marbles Once you have made up your homemade clay, you can ether choose to color it […]

Making A Book Safe

homemade book safe

Spy kids need somewhere to hide their treasures. There’s no better place to hide things out of plain sight than in a book safe. Nobody would ever think of looking inside a book on your bookshelf for your important things, so a book could be the ideal safe. What You Will Need Before you start […]

Homemade Spy ID Cards

finished spy id card

There may be times when you will need a fake id card so that you will be able to glide unnoticed into prohibited areas. You may need a few of these homemade spy ID cards with different names and disguises so feel free to print of as many as you need. Here’s what you will […]

Making A Periscope For Kids

kids homemade periscope

Any good spy should always check that the coast is clear before entering rooms. So making a periscope could be the perfect idea for your homemade spy kit. It will help make sure you know what’s around the corner and you can even use a periscope to see over fences! To make your own periscope […]

Making A Cipher Wheel

kids cipher wheel

Every spy needs a secret way to exchange messages with other agents from time to time. Making a cipher wheel is an excellent addition to your homemade spy gear and a great way to keep the content of any top secret letter safe. This clever little wheel can be used to encrypt and decrypt any […]

Kids Visual Bottles

Kids Visual Bottles

Sight and sound musical instruments are very popular with little ones, and these visual bottles can be created very easily with a clear bottle and a selection of nick-nacks. Homemade Rain Shaker This first bottle is called a rain shaker and is made from a clear bottle, rice and cocktail sticks (tooth picks). By twisting […]

Homemade Maracas

Homemade Maracas

A great fun project for adults and children alike, homemade maracas are definitely enjoyable musical instruments to make. This is a project where you can really get involved and possibly a little messy in the process 😉 What you will need Two plastic bottles (I’ve used milkshake bottles) 2 handful’s of ether rice, pasta, lentils […]

Homemade French Horn For Kids

Making a Kids French Horn

This simple homemade French horn was one of the first homemade musical instruments we made, and was inspired and created by one of my children after an afternoon picnic in the park listening to a brass band playing. We didn’t have an awful lot to make it with at the time, but he was extremely […]

Making Homemade Drums

Homemade Drums

Kids love the sound of these homemade drums. And yet you don’t need any special bits to create them with. If you can dig out an old tin can, or spare a storage container or cake pan for a while they can make themselves a great little drum set. What You Will Need Selection of […]

The Basics Of Candle Making

homemade jar candle

Lets take a look at the basics of candle making. One of the first things you need to do is to decide what kind of wax you want to use. There are many different types, so you need to do a little research to figure out which kind you like best. Paraffin wax is some […]

Building a Homemade Telescope


A homemade telescope is something that anyone of almost any age can enjoy, and the act of building your own can elevate that enjoyment even higher. There are many different ways to make your own telescope, but the fundamentals are always going to be relatively similar. Below is a quick rundown of what you’ll need […]

Homemade Spy Gear


So you want to become a spy or special agent, catching the bad guys and solving the clues. This probably means you are going to need one or two spy gear gadgets to keep you ahead of the game. And as spy stuff can be very expensive to buy in the stores you may need […]

Basics Of Making Homemade Earrings

Hanging pendants with jump rings

When making homemade earrings the size and weight needs to be considered, but apart from that, anything goes. There are findings to attach any type of earring, bead or pendant to any ear wire. Making homemade jewelry is fairly inexpensive when you compare it to buying jewelry, and it allows you to use your imagination […]

A Homemade Unisex Leather Bracelet


If you would like a hip and fun idea for a unisex leather bracelet, then look no further. This is a really neat looking homemade bracelet that wraps around the wrist three times. I’ve placed three wooden Pandora style beads on the front and spruced them up with a few jump rings and a bit […]

Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire


I regard stringing to be the back bone of jewellery making. It uses easily obtained supplies, and will teach a fundamental sense of coordinating colors along with shapes into an attractive design. Stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire is also perfect for practicing how to manipulate small items with your hands, using pressure and angle […]

Making Swing Style Earrings

homemade swing style earrings

Flexible beading wire is most used for necklaces and bracelets, but below is a way to make simple, modern swing style earrings. First, remember that threading the beads with the wire still on the spool, instead of cutting the wire in advance, makes the wire less likely to kink and helps to eliminate waste. Beading […]

Making A Silver Pendant Necklace

silver pendant necklace

This stunning silver pendant necklace is one of my favourite necklaces; it can be adjusted to any length so it looks great with just about any outfit. You don’t need any special jewellery making tools for this, and best of all it can be put together in a matter of minutes. The most important thing […]

Creating A Scrapbook Focal Point


One of the most important elements in a good design is creating a scrapbook focal point. This is the most important element of a composition and all the other components are there to enhance this one element that you want viewers to focus on. Asking The Right Questions First, you need to establish what your […]

Scrapbook Photo Matting


One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your photos stand out is with a photo mat that is being cut from a cardstock or a piece of paper. How wide or thin or how many mats you would like to have is totally up to your imagination. Matting a photo for scrapbooking […]

Making Dipped Homemade Candles


There are many great reasons to consider making homemade candles. First, it is a fun and rewarding activity to consider doing with friends or family. Second, homemade candles can be a whimsical or elegant gift that you can make on a tight budget. Most people not only love these dipped candles, but they will appreciate […]

Make Your Own Teddy Bear

making a cute little homemade teddy bear

The first thing you need to do when you make your own teddy bear is to find a pattern that you like which can be a challenge in its self as there are many choose from ranging from beginner to advanced skills. The two teddies below have been created with very easy to handle patterns […]

Making Bracelets For Men

homemade jewelry for men

Homemade jewellery doesn’t have to be just for women, these stylish homemade bracelets for men can look great on the fashion conscious male. Making bracelets for men is an extremely easy and economical gift idea. Sometimes costing less than a dollar, and don’t forget that homemade jewellery is so unique that you don’t need to […]

Scrapbook Photo Cropping Ideas


When you are having fun with scrapbooking, you can’t always leave a photo intact. There are various reasons for this, but often, if you left a photo complete, it would simply overwhelm the page. Occasionally this is ok, but only if you are only going to put one or two pictures on a page. Most […]

Homemade Scented Candles

Homemade scented candles

Homemade scented candles create a wonderful atmosphere, with their soft glow and gentle perfume, and there is nothing quite as relaxing as curling up on a cold winter evening to read a few pages by candlelight. Stores are full of all sorts of scented candles but it’s much more fun to learn candle making yourself […]

Getting Started on a Homemade Scrapbook


Scrapbooking is a great hobby that many people enjoy. It is not only a wonderful way to express your creativity, but a homemade scrapbook is also a way to organize and celebrate your photos and memories. Having stacks of photos around is alright, but it is even better when each photo is nicely mounted and […]

Making Homemade Puppets

homemade puppets

Contrary to what many people think, homemade puppets are not outdated, kids of all ages still love to make them and play with them! Parents, childcare professionals, and even educators can take advantage of these low cost puppet designs to enrich learning and playtime. Puppet making is a great way to extend reading comprehension and […]

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