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Learning some new homemade crafts and creative hobbies can be both satisfying and exciting. And if you're looking for a little inspiration we have some exciting and creative ideas to choose from.

Many of these will make wonderful gifts for friends and family, and they'll save you a bundle as well! So get in touch with your forgotten creativity, fan the flames of inspiration, and get to work!

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Even if you don't consider yourself the naturally creative type, with our easy to follow crafts you'll soon be expressing yourself and clearing a space for your memorabilia, no matter what your age or ability!

simple head pin earrings

How To Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

homemade clustered earrings

Making Clustered Earrings

Homemade clustered necklace

Make A Clustered Necklace

homemade clay jewelry

Making Homemade Clay Jewelry

Homemade Clay Marbles

Homemade Clay Marbles

the finished book safe

Making A Book Safe

finished spy id card

Homemade Spy ID Cards

kids homemade periscope

Making A Periscope For Kids

kids cipher wheel

Making A Cipher Wheel

Kids Visual Bottles

Kids Visual Bottles

Homemade Maracas

Homemade Maracas

Making a Kids French Horn

Homemade French Horn For Kids

Homemade Drums

Making Homemade Drums

homemade jar candle

The Basics Of Candle Making


Building a Homemade Telescope


Homemade Spy Gear

Hanging pendants with jump rings

Basics Of Making Homemade Earrings


A Homemade Unisex Leather Bracelet


Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire

homemade swing style earrings

Making Swing Style Earrings

silver pendant necklace

Making A Silver Pendant Necklace


Creating A Scrapbook Focal Point


Scrapbook Photo Matting


Making Dipped Homemade Candles

making a cute little homemade teddy bear

Make Your Own Teddy Bear

homemade jewelry for men

Making Bracelets For Men


Scrapbook Photo Cropping Ideas


Getting Started on a Homemade Scrapbook


Homemade Scented Candles

homemade puppets

Making Homemade Puppets

homemade playdough

Homemade Play Dough Recipe


An Attractive Homemade Pendant Necklace


Making Homemade Paper

Opening a Jump Ring

Homemade Necklace & Pendant Basics

matching homemade necklace and earrings

Matching Homemade Necklace and Earrings

Homemade Musical Instruments

Homemade Musical Instruments For Kids

homemasde mosquito candles

Homemade Mosquito Candles

homemade lollipops

Making Homemade Lollipops

homemade braided leather bracelet

A Trendy Homemade Leather Bracelet


Building a Homemade Holograms


Homemade Gel Candle Making Basics

Homemade Clay Marbles

Three Kids Simple Homemade Toys

homemade candy

Homemade Candy Recipe

homemade bracelet

Making Homemade Bracelets


Homemade Candle Making for Kids


Homemade Basket Weaving

homemade crimp bead earrings

Making Pretty Crimp Bead Earrings


Making A Bootlace Necklace


Types of Basket Weaving


Stringing A Necklace With Thread

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