Homemade Gift Ideas

Bath Salts, Body Butter & Soap GiftWhen your loved one unwraps a homemade gift that is truly personal, reflects their needs and interests, and was made especially for them by you, it will have much more meaning.

And considering today's economy, and the possibility that it may get worse before it gets better, finding ways to do things a bit cheaper than normal is not a bad idea.

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Homemade Stocking Stuffers


‘Tis the season to be jolly so why not make someone’s Christmas jolly with some homemade stocking stuffers. They are excellent gifts which have the added bonus of being homemade by you, which shows thoughtfulness and consideration, and can be kind on the pocket too. Homemade stocking stuffers couldn’t be more pleasing or exciting. The […]

Ten Quality Homemade Gifts To Make

homemade bath blend

Looking for some homemade gifts to make? If you just don’t know what gift to give a person for that special occasion, check out these creative gift ideas. Many of us wrack our brains each year trying to come up with something unique. Only to end buying socks, scarf’s, slippers and other semi-unwanted gifts. So […]

Homemade Gifts in a Jar – Food Gifts


If you’re looking for something unique to give this Christmas, homemade gifts in a jar might suit your needs nicely. So below are four food gift recipes that we’ve made in the past. Candies and treats always look good when placed in a fancy jar and decorated with a ribbon, but if you’re looking for […]

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas & Inspiration


Most people, when you mention “homemade gifts” are going to think of food, or knitted and crocheted items. While an afghan crocheted to match a sofa or chair is a great gift, as are mittens, scarves, and sweaters, not all of us have that type of talent, or the necessary time to go with it. […]

Making A Homemade Gift Box


Surprise your parents or friends with one of these stylish handmade boxes! You can make a small homemade gift box from paper or larger ones from thin card. A double layer of wrapping paper would make an attractive box! Use paper that suits the gift. For example, make a box from flowery paper to hold […]

Homemade Wedding Favors


Be a little creative and you can find plenty of ideas to make your own homemade wedding favors. You don’t need to leave an expensive trinket on the table to thank them, but it’s nice to offer something by way of thanks. Offering your wedding guests a small favor to thank them for their attendance […]

Recipes For Homemade Jar Gifts


Continuing on from our Homemade Gifts In A Jar, below are two more great homemade jar gifts. Candies, treats and other goodies loaded into jars are a perfect gift at any time of year. These homemade jar gifts can look terrific if you take a bit of time to add a gift tag or decorate […]

Homemade Gag Gifts


Everyone knows someone who’s always playing practical jokes on others. Now you can play your own gag by making your own homemade gag gifts. Just remember that these gifts are only designed for anyone with a sense of humor… Gag Trophies Many $2 stores have plastic trophies available that are ideal for these homemade gag […]

Homemade Baby Shower Favors


Homemade baby shower favors are a lovely, inexpensive way to thank your guests for their participation in your shower party. While it’s possible to buy mass-produced, store-bought favors, you’ll find that your guests will appreciate the thought and effort that goes into home made baby shower favors. There are plenty of great ideas you can […]

Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas


Celebrating your anniversary doesn’t need to break the budget – after all, it’s supposed to be more about celebrating your time together than exchanging expensive trinkets… Besides, homemade anniversary gift ideas are often a more personal way to show your loved one how much you care. There are plenty of simple home made anniversary gift […]

Snowman Pencil Holder


by Samantha Thurston (Southern New Jersey) This was something that I just decided to do one night. It took me about 20-30 minutes. Depending on how much effort you want to put into this it may take more or less. This does not have to be a pencil holder…it can be used for anything. I […]

Snowman Poop


by Amanda (AZ. USA) Items you will need For this homemade Snowman Poop gag  gift: Clear plastic sandwich bag 1/2 cup (white) mini-marshmallows Colorful string or Christmas ribbon Paper & Pen Fill bag with marshmallows, tie off with ribbon, attach note that reads: “You’ve been bad this year so here’s the scoop, All you get […]

Homemade Valentines Handbag


by Randy Bailey (Lebanon) Here’s how I made two homemade valentines handbags for my two granddaughters. I made them out of some matching jean-type skirts that they had outgrown. I sewed on Valentines fabrics. I lined the bag and made handles out of a silk fabric. I then made a scarf out of the Valentine […]

Christmas Nature Wreath


by Ruth Ann Adams (Evensville Indiana) I created this wreath for my step-daughter and her fiancee for Christmas, they are outdoor enthusiasts. They live out in the country surrounded by woods, so I thought this would look good with their decor. I started with a 20″ wreath with pine cones and added a 50 light […]

Birthday By The Numbers


by Caroline Sposto (Memphis,TN) When family and close friends have a birthday, sometimes I make them a booklet that corresponds with their age. This gift is all about thoughts or memories. Including photos, pictures and memorabilia can be fun, but if time is an issue, it can just be something written. Here are some ideas: […]

Homemade Teen Gifts Are Difficult


Homemade Teen Gifts: A Way to Deal with Teenagers Teenagers are probably the most difficult kind of age group to deal with. It almost feels as if they have this mutual philosophy that all other age groups are aliens! In truth, it’s easier to talk to 20-somethings or 12-below kids than teenagers. But of course, […]

Homemade Graduation Gifts From The Heart


Homemade graduation gifts are some of the best anyone could ever receive. They are a gift from the heart that shows you took the time and effort to create something special just for them. They are both unique and something the person can cherish for many years to come. Are you ready to be creative […]

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