Making Homemade Costumes

homemade costumesIf you are having a homemade costumes party then why not make your own costume? No matter what time of year it is, it is never the wrong time for having fun by creating your own costumes!

Your diy costumes should typically consist of materials that you can find on your own, without having to purchase a costume from a retailer.

You can upload a photo of yours here and If you are in need some inspiration check below for the growing collection of wonderful costumes added by the many visitors to this page!

Easy Homemade Costume Ideas

homemade costumes

Homemade costume ideas are not hard to find, they are actually all around you. Check out these great homemade costumes added by visitors just like you. Lego Men, Lara Croft, Wizard of Oz, Avatar and a headless guy, to name a few… Or consider the versatility of wonderful materials found in your home, take cardboard […]

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


The problem with commercial Halloween costumes from the store is that you could end up with five or six kids all in the same costume. With these homemade Halloween costume ideas you’ll know your going to be a one of a kind. You also get the benefit of saving some money! Besides, making your own […]

Wizard of Oz Costumes


by Tammy (Bowmanville, ON, Canada) Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie!!!! I found red sparkly shoes that fit my daughter so we went as The Wicked Witch of the West (my hero) and Dorothy. We thought it would be fun to re-create the famous water scene wearing our Wizard of Oz costumes!!! Comments for […]

Sally Stitches Costume


by Mary (Casa Grande, Arizona) Homemade Sally Stitches Costume We loved Marys homemade Halloween costume of sally stitches. Mary wrote and told us how she had searched everywhere for a kids sally stitches costume but to no avail. Here’s how she made it She used a red woollen wig from a previous costume, a pair […]

The Caged Man Costume


by Rob Deneau (Windsor On.) I remember this costume from the Gilligan’s Island show when they were captured and sent to the dungeon. I got some vinyl trim for the cage and screwed it together then painted it black and silver. I added strobe lights, chains, lightning and flashers to light it up. The sculls […]

Spy vs. Spy Costume


by Susan Russell and Freddie Wilson (Knoxville, TN USA) Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume Every year we try and think of something bigger and better to do than the year before. My fiance had one about 10 contests before meeting me and I have won only one in my adult life. I wanted us to […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume


Recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs: 1 sheet very dense cardboard 2 balls of thick, cream-colored yarn 1 bottle of red tempera paint blue paint for the plate burgundy and tan paint for the meatballs 8 styrofoam balls 1 pair of red and white checkered shorts found on the discount rack 1 old T-shirt 1. Using […]

Soundwave Costume


by Brendon Gould (Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada) Soundwave Superior This is my homemade Halloween costume for this year. I made it out of Styrofoam, spray paint, duck tape, and hot glue. It took me about 3 weeks to make, it has a speaker system in it and can play music. It also has lights built […]

Shanes TV Costume


by Lauren M. (Freehold, NJ) Shane wearing his TV Costume at the Monster Bash! Our six-year-old son asked to be a television for Halloween this year, so I did my best to accommodate his request with this TV Costume. I figured a flat-screen would have been an easy out and wouldn’t have a lot of […]

Sexy Dalek Costume


by Tiny Stephanie (Illinois, USA) If you know Doctor Who, you know the Daleks. I got this idea from a pic of three girls as sexy Daleks, I think, at comicon. It took a long time. I’m not much of a sewer. I’m very proud of this costume and I wish I could wear it […]

Phoenix’s Bubblicious Gumball Machine


by Nikia (Perth, Australia) My two year old son Phoenix was an awesomely chewable gumball machine. He loved going around shouting one word, “GUMBALLS.” Comments for Phoenix’s Bubblicious Gumball Machine Average Rating Gumball machine addiction by: Raleigh Hobbs When I was a kid, I really loved gumball machines. They really make my day even just […]

Parrot Life for Me


by Katie Muth (Reno, NV, US) Overview My 5 year old wanted to be a parrot for Halloween. I decided to make her a costume out of felt. The hardest part? Finding red sweatsuit to sew it onto!     Method I took each piece of felt and cut feathers into it, I layered […]

Our Headless Son


by Karin (Wildwood, MO) Dillon wanted to be a headless guy for Halloween this year. We started with a backpack that he wears and I taped the handle up. Then I added some batting with floral wire for the shoulders, sides and chest. Had an old shirt, an overcoat, red felt for the neck hole […]

Optimus Prime Costume


by Colt Buffington (Baton Rouge, La., U.S.A.) I began this Optimus Prime costume project about a month ago after seeing a photo of someone online in an Optimus costume. I immediately took on the project and realized just how difficult it would be very early on. The entire costume is made out of a hard […]

Monster “Coming Out” Costume


by Jessy Ruffell (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Basically I donned a scary mask I had from a previous costume. I found the brightest and tackiest shirt in a thrift store, along with the boa. The “closet” I made out of boxes and construction paper, the “door handle” skull is a decoration I bought. Comments for Monster […]

Kyle our Orange Crayon


by Karin (Wildwood, MO) Kyle wanted to be an orange crayon for Halloween this year. I bought some orange and black felt and started creating. I wrapped the orange around him and guessed at the size. Found a wave on the net and adjusted the size for the costume. Cut out a bunch of waves, […]

Lego Man Costume


by Daniel My 4 year old son loves to play with Legos and can put together a 480 piece Lego set by himself. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, of course he said a Lego Man! I used two cardboard boxes for the head and body, spray painted them, and […]

I want to be a Train???


by Katie Muth (Reno, NV, US) My 4 year old told me he wanted to be a train, that he could drive…. That was a tall request for me! So after much planning and thinking we got to it and busted out a Thomas Train for Halloween. We used a form tube from Home Depot, […]

Human Stapler


by Tatum (Texas) Our son loves to pretend he is a school teacher, so he is always asking for things his teachers have – markers, hole punchers, erasers – but his favorite gadget is the stapler. When we asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, that was his first response! We found two long […]

Homemade Witch Costumes


by Wendy Havens (Jacksonville, FL) Each year, I take a witch hat and embellish it to form a new kind of witch. One year I was a Hawaiian Witch, using a Hawaiian shirt, guitar and sunglasses. Another year I was a Santawitch, using a Santa hat and Christmas kitchen towels.

Homemade Transformer Costume


by Sam Erickson (Omaha, Nebraska) This Transformer costume was a joint project between me and my four year old son. As my son spends most of the day transforming between a tank and a boy we decided to have a go at creating a transformer costume for him. Armed with a couple of boxes both […]

Homemade Slinky Dog Costume


by Kaleena Thompson (Harrisonburg, VA, USA) I have been an artist for years and I love to create and push myself beyond my limits! I have made original costumes in the past, but this year I really wanted to go all out! I am a senior art major at James Madison University, and my focus […]

Homemade Spider and Bat Costumes


by Katie Carroz (Issaquah, WA, USA) We inherited a handmade spider costume that our daughter wanted to wear. However it required a few ‘pink and purple’ upgrades to get it to her specifications, thus the pink belly and the purple legs. My son requested a bat costume and was very helpful in the design assuring […]

Homemade Minion Costume


by Robert (San Jose, CA) My daughter loved this movie and wanted to be a minion for Halloween. My oldest son and I built her a costume. We started with thin cardboard, then paper mache for more strength. Cut arm holes, eye holes, mouth hole. Attached fabric for “skin” (or is it a shirt?) and […]

Homemade Lego Costumes


by Alisha Kennedy (Windsor, ONT) Here’s how to make a homemade lego costume. We made these costumes from wood frames wrapped in cardboard then for the head we used styrafoam, sanded it down, covered it in elmsers glue then applied a high gloss paint. For the legs we used fabric, cut it to size, added […]

Homemade Lego Boy Costume


by Tami (Kansas) I built this homemade Lego costume for my 9 year old son. Using candy dishes for the head, wrapped in yellow duct tape. The body and legs are made of cardboard. The hands are made from a paper towel roll and plastic cup. Comments for Homemade Lego Costume Average Rating Lego boy […]

Homemade Lara Croft Costume


by Meals (PA) I made this homemade Lara Croft costume from a few pieces I had at home: A fitted t-shirt, khaki shorts, a small black book bag, tall boots, and taller socks. I took a belt and used black Gorilla Tape to attach my own homemade holsters. I created the holsters with pieces of […]

Homemade Doctor Who Costume: The 4th Doctor!

The homemade doctor who costume

by Kiah B (Duluth, Minnesota, USA) For this homemade Doctor Who costume I made the 13-foot-long scarf out of thrift store sweaters (see detailed instructions below), dyed the hat brown and attached a hat band, made the necktie, and restructured the collar of the button-up shirt. Doctor Who is a British science fiction series that […]

Homemade Costumes On The Cheap


by Marci Palumbo (Deltona, FL) Alex in the Doc Oc costume Yes, these were costumes on the cheap… but they were funny and fun! A few years ago, my daughter was whining about not knowing what she wanted to be. She was too old for the ‘kiddie costumes and didn’t want to be ‘boring.’ After […]

Homemade Christmas Present Costume


by Lisa (Orlando, FL US) Here’s how to make a homemade Christmas present costume using just a cardboard box, some wrapping paper, a little ribbon, a simple bow and some face paint. Choose a large box depending on how big your child is. Then remove the flaps from one side of the box. Cut out […] is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy