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simple head pin earrings

How To Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

I've spent many fun evenings with friends and a couple of glasses of wine showing them how to make head pin earrings. Yes they really are that easy to make. The stylish head pin earrings you … [Read More...]

homemade clustered earrings

Making Clustered Earrings

It's hard to believe that this tutorial for making clustered earrings is still very much in the beginners section of easy homemade jewelry. Most of the beads I've used to make these homemade … [Read More...]

Homemade clustered necklace

Make A Clustered Necklace

It's really easy to make a clustered necklace, I find this to be 'anything goes' type of jewelry making, you can literally grab a handful of beads and make a necklace or earrings up as you … [Read More...]

making rosewood olive-oil soap

Olive Oil Soap Recipes

Although olive oil soap is beautifully creamy and moisturizing it often means soft and quick to dissolve. This week I've been experimenting by adding a little bees wax to my recipe and I have to say … [Read More...]

homemade clay jewelry

Making Homemade Clay Jewelry

Be the bell of the ball with these cool homemade clay jewelry projects. You will need to set aside a couple of days for this project as the clay will need to dry out over night before you can paint … [Read More...]

Homemade Clay Marbles

Homemade Clay Marbles

These homemade clay marbles are so easy to make, the recipe below is enough to make about 100 if not more. What You Will Need This homemade clay recipe Acrylic Paints and paint … [Read More...]

Homemade Bubble Bath & Loofha Soap Gift

Easy Homemade Bubble Bath

The easiest way to create a unique or novel homemade bubble bath/ shower gel would be to use a readymade liquid bath base. A basic bath base is a clear thick liquid that’s been especially prepared for … [Read More...]

Adding Dried Nettles

Nettle Soap with Lime and Spearmint

Common nettle weeds are frequently overlooked for their therapeutic values, mainly because of their nasty sting. Yet this common weed is said to relive joint pains and improve skin irritations such as … [Read More...]

Add chocolate chunks to soap

Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Soap

My homemade vanilla and chocolate soap smells good enough to eat... A must for all chocolate cookie lovers ;-) You will need one or two bars of the chocolate bar soap from our goat’s milk soap … [Read More...]

the finished book safe

Making A Book Safe

Spy kids need somewhere to hide their treasures. There's no better place to hide things out of plain sight than in a book safe. Nobody would ever think of looking inside a book on your bookshelf for … [Read More...]

finished spy id card

Homemade Spy ID Cards

There may be times when you will need a fake id card so that you will be able to glide unnoticed into prohibited areas. You may need a few of these homemade spy ID cards with different names and … [Read More...]

kids homemade periscope

Making A Periscope For Kids

Any good spy should always check that the coast is clear before entering rooms. So making a periscope could be the perfect idea for your homemade spy kit. It will help make sure you know what's around … [Read More...]

kids cipher wheel

Making A Cipher Wheel

Every spy needs a secret way to exchange messages with other agents from time to time. Making a cipher wheel is an excellent addition to your homemade spy gear and a great way to keep the content of … [Read More...]


Suspending & Embedding Objects in Soap

There are lots of very quick and easy effects that can be produced by suspending or embedding objects in soap. Simply by adding a few dry botanicals or exfoliates to your mp soap base can give … [Read More...]


How To Make Loofah Soap

Adding dried loofah to soap not only looks good but makes an excellent natural exfoliator which is particularly effective on knees and elbows or when used on the skin before applying any tanning … [Read More...] is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy